WOLF MEAT: (455)

some of us have a hard time buying jeans.
doesn’t matter.
when you find the right pair and then this happens…

your butt cheeks will thank you for it.

lowkey: i’m noticing more jeans enhance your bunz now.
the way some are stitched help your cake just sit up nice.
i got a pair of h&m jeans that make everything look so juicy.

11 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (455)

  1. My question is, why in the ENTIRE FUCK is this Biggs trying on jeans with no fucking underwear on? #disgusting No wonder some of my jeans from H&M have a slight weird smell when I wear them for the first time. Just fucking gross! 😷

  2. I’m so sick of grown men getting ass shots and shit. That stuff ain’t cute. I mean it is what it is..If you can’t build your ass the natural way deal with it..Yo ass flat. When yo shit start exploding like a water balloon from implants or injections, you and ya ass gonna be looking stupid. All this for some likes & attention and yo cakes are about to turn into dust.

    This some I-Robot type shyt. Most of everyone in the newer generation is down with this fake body shyt now a days. Bytchs gon be full blown androids showing metal parts in 2025. We got to do better. *Injects left ass cheek” I’m jus saying.

    1. This seems VERY common in latino culture for some reason.

      Its really not even that hard to build a decent ass. If you’re skinny eat more and lift heavy, if you’re fat do high reps light weight and cut calories and still get protein.

      Then they want to prance around the gym in their short shorts that make the injections look like two midgets fighting and headband like Richard Simmons with no leg or upperbody development like they workout lol

      I don’t get why go get this procedure done and look like crap when you get out of shape.

      With all the work she had done, even Blac Chyna knows she has to workout to keep everything tight.

  3. That’s Eduardo
    His IG: lasensacionn He’s Dominican. Unfortunately him and his best friend, latogawear, had ass injections, but at least it looks sexy, in my opinion. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help from a doctor 💉🍑

      1. If you go to his Instagram, you can tell his butt is not natural.
        Welcome to Instagram, I guess, I mean a lot of these big booty, big muscle Instagram “models” are nowhere near natural.

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