WOLF MEAT: (455)

some of us have a hard time buying jeans.
doesn’t matter.
when you find the right pair and then this happens…
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WOLF MEAT: (412)

american-flag-vestnothing better than a fresh pair of denim.
now what are you going to wear with it?
oh those look nice…
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f0xmail F-BI: Who Is The New Male Tatted Wolf Who Models For Levis?

one of the f-bi sent me an email asking about this wolf..

Levis-501-Non-Denim-Areia_0^i like the fit with the boots.
can someone wrap that up for me to go???
ok focus…
anyway, he is the new model wolf for levis…

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I Wanted To Ride i-20 Last Night

I use to have a crush on I-20 when the whole Ludacris “DTP” crew was relevant.
Don’t even ask me what they are doing now because it certainly isn’t rapping.
I think the first time I saw him was in Move Bitch video.
His voice was so sexy, raw, and aggressive.

I was open.

Well I would definitely be up for his look alike.
Wherever he lives in the Concrete Jungle…

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