I Wanted To Ride i-20 Last Night

I use to have a crush on I-20 when the whole Ludacris “DTP” crew was relevant.
Don’t even ask me what they are doing now because it certainly isn’t rapping.
I think the first time I saw him was in Move Bitch video.
His voice was so sexy, raw, and aggressive.

I was open.

Well I would definitely be up for his look alike.
Wherever he lives in the Concrete Jungle…

as the train pulled up on my way homeward bound,
I saw the back of this dude’s head standing on the door and I already KNEW he was fine.

I have this gift when I can look at the back and already know the front.
Man-dar? Fine-dar? I dunno…

Either way, when I got in the train I saw him, I immediately looked in his direction:

Toned – Muscular build
Nice manicured fingernails
Nice teeth

Dusty denim jeans
Denim jacket
Thermal shirt
Blue Yankee
Everything just fit his body perfectly

Looking like a better version of I-20!
… I almost thought it was him.

I don’t know if he was coming from the gym or was going to someone’s house, but he looked kind of lost, but not really.
The train was hella packed so it wasn’t like I could go stand next to him.
Anyway, we played the game of eye fuckin’ each other off and on.
I was standing across from him and he would look in my direction and then look away. I wasn’t about to act thirsty so I played it cool. Gave a few glances and made sure when we both locked eyes, it lasted.

He knew I wanted him…
I could tell he wanted me.
This was the first time my Wolfdar was ever on serious point.
We just were not close to each other to get in contact.

When this “nose in the air” Fox walked on at a further stop,
he looked that muthafucka up and down and then licked his lips.


I didn’t care how cute the other Fox was (and he was cute).
No need in getting insecure over someone else’s looks or swagg.
So Wolf man started to eye screwing me and the other Fox.
The other Fox was closer to him, but he soon realized the other Fox was not interested and kept on giving it to me harder.

So we did all that eye flexin….


Your loss.
There was like 20 passengers walking out behind me; pushing.
You should have build your nerves up after the first staring contest.

Wolves today.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “I Wanted To Ride i-20 Last Night”

  1. Nope. What have we already discussed. Wolves are waiting around wondering why no one is speaking to them just like we are. He was prolly looking at you like, damn this is staring me down and he ain’t saying shyt? Cant he see I’m interested? Next time take it upon yourself to open lines of conversation. “I’m sorry, i know this is awkward but where did you get that jacket? I’ve been looking for one just like it” or “Wow, these new york trains are always crowded. U a Yankee’s fan?” Something. ANYTHING. Just open up lines of communication and stop waiting for someone else to do it.

    1. Oh trust me,
      I wanted to bag that.
      But the train was crazy packed and I was on 1 side across from him with about 15 people crammed together until my stop.

      I don’t even know HOW we would have even exchanged numbers if he was bolder (winked, headed nodded, or anything else).

      but I get what u r saying about wolves waiting for us to make initiative.
      the game has definitely changed.

      1. Well then NEXT TIME you see him, you’ll have to think of something to say or ways to get near him. Otherwise he’ll just be another one who got away. Waiting for someone we’re interested in to approach is not working out. If you see something you want, go and get it.

  2. My good foxes and wolves…go and get a business card made that you give to fox, wolf, or vixen that you are hunting or that is hunting you. It works…I should know — BIG ASS SMILE…..it works in all scenarios…this is the card that has the google voice number, side email address and name that is strict initials on the first and middle and full last name…and always references you as a consultant…get with it and make it happen….and whenever there are people between you and the target….always ease your way as if you are trying to get near the exit or door or over to something that is near the person…it is worth it….

      1. #whoisjamarifox :so now when they ask me what my “job” is,what am i telling these wolves, k?professional wolf slayer?

        Image consultant. Give me a call so we can discuss how I can help make you look good, too 😉

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