WOLF MEAT: (455)

some of us have a hard time buying jeans.
doesn’t matter.
when you find the right pair and then this happens…
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Can I Fit In Dem Jeans?

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.59.12 PMwould you kick him out of bed?
i sure wouldn’t.
it’s funny how straight vixens see things differently than “us”.
so i was sent the following picture that posed a question
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WOLF MEAT: (412)

american-flag-vestnothing better than a fresh pair of denim.
now what are you going to wear with it?
oh those look nice…
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WOLF MEAT: (408)

tumblr_n2i1bbRTs51r6e8f2o1_1280that is a “dump truck”.
good lordt.
here is one mo
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Tight Fit

tumblr_n0tkw15YhK1qcrgoro1_500i feel like everyone’s pants/jeans should fit like this.
i saw this go down my tumblr and i really dug it.
this is how i like my jeans to fit my body.
grown man sag is acceptable…
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How To Make It Clap While Walking To The Bodega

oh-my-thats-an-ass-clapmake it clap?…

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