Can I Fit In Dem Jeans?

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.59.12 PMwould you kick him out of bed?
i sure wouldn’t.
it’s funny how straight vixens see things differently than “us”.
so i was sent the following picture that posed a question

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.52.30 PMhmmm.
now check what the general opinion from the comments:

tumblr_ndto55SVt01qg5o2oo1_500funny enough,
i don’t see anything wrong with the outfit persay.
the jeans are a little snug tho.
his style and swagg.
can i really judge?
i did ask myself if the rips came with the jeans,
or did they happen because of him?
i kid.
the damn jeans will be on the floor after the date anyway,
especially ( x looking like this ) with them off.
giphy copy 15

so i’ll ask the foxhole…

Would you go out with him in that outfit?

picture found: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “Can I Fit In Dem Jeans?”

  1. The jeans and his thighs make him looks like he has female hips. These EXTRA tight jeans aren’t flattering to me.

  2. This is what I fear when working out on leg day… I was thinking about this yesterday after squatting 220lbs. I LIVE for my skinny jeans lol and too often I’ve come across this problem in the changing rooms in stores. The waist fits perfectly but you can damn near see my quad muscles popping out.. The same goes for my calves. I had to go get a bigger waist size in slim fit and get it tailored. It’s hell. #GymBunnyProblems

    Btw his legs are too big for those jeans IMO..When they start to look like leggings with no air room then it ain’t for you son

  3. If I had a choice, I would say it’s too tight (the pants), but if he showed up like that, I’d embrace him. I don’t care if people stare, I’m used to it anyway, he looks great in the shirt. Overall he looks good, it’s just the jeans are too tight. I can appreciate a man who is confident in his style and is working the hell out of it. That’s more sexy than the jeans being too tight. He’s confident, and still sexy. I’m okay with that. I prefer a man who is making an effort as opposed to none at all. I won’t complain and criticize his style, I’ll accept him for what he likes.

  4. As a Latino, the tight fitting clothes doesn’t bother me at all because shit I know a lot of [email protected] that wear tight clothing (including me). Tbh I love the way those jeans fit him. I want thighs like him and jeans that fit like that.

    Isn’t that the gay British dude who has a white boyfriend?

  5. Wow…dude is def sexy a/f, but if I met him wearin them joints before I smashed, I’d be turned off and no smashing would ensue…naw, that ain’t right bruh

  6. I mean if this is my man and he looks this good I would let it pass ONCE, after that I would kindly bring up the idea of a tailor while I’m giving him brain, I doubt he wouldn’t mind then. 😜

  7. lol indeed I’m from London and this can pass especially if he hangs out with white people but black ones would give him the side eye 😒 lool
    plus to answer @Eric the gym has a very homoerotic vibes I tend to think that some turns gay because of going to the gym all the time,but that’s just me lol.
    ps :don’t forget that gym means “naked or nakedness” because the Greeks used to train…NAKED !! 😈

    1. Hey Jaydi I visited his Instagram page he is gay and into white guys so his outfit fits right in on what you wrote lol. For the last two years I religiously go to the the gym 3 to 4 days a week right after work so I see a lot of the same dudes there. I can’t even count on my hands and feet how many of these big muscular dudes will stare me down, flex there arms, take their shirts off, follow me in the locker rooms. Some of them just love attention, but I also do feel the gym can turn some guys into liking the same sex. Being around big arms, legs, and butts can and will do something to you. Men are visual and get turned on by the way bodies look.

  8. I like the shirt on him, but I will say those pants are too tight. Jamari it’s funny that you did a post on this. I was talking to my female cousin the other day and her boyfriend has been a gym head for a while now. He has gotten really muscular and my cousin told him he has gotten too big. I asked her why you don’t like his body like this and she said it looks gross and intimidating. I have seen some Instagram blog pages post muscular guys as eye candy and vixens leave negative comments. What I’m seeing is a lot of vixens really don’t like their wolves muscular. I mean of course their are vixens who like wolves muscular, but shit I love muscular wolves bigger the better for me, and I also kind of thing for stocky thick dudes lol. I don’t know what it is but a bigger or muscular guy just turns me on. I could be wrong or going left field with this but I have to ask the foxhole a question. For my workout foxholers do you’ll get kind of a homoerotic vibe in the gym? Maybe it’s just me.

    1. I have noticed that a lot of black women prefer men to have muscular arms and upper bodies rather than muscular legs.They equate thick thighs as feminine.I don’t think his thighs are feminine but I don’t find them attractive.His pants are definitely too tight for my taste.

      1. Yeah guys that have a lot of lower body development also get big glutes and hips and some black women find that unattractive.

  9. Uh no. Is he comfortable like that? I want to know how y’all wear pants so tight with a dick and balls? You can’t tell me he is not going to stink when he takes off those pants. I know y’all sweat right? Yea, I thought so.

  10. He’s attractive and there’s nothing wrong with the outfit but it’s pretty much the signature style of dress of a muscle gay guy or butch queen as some call it.

    if he’s from/in another European country maybe that’s different.

    A straight man would wear the form fitting shirt but the jeans are painted on. I would clock him as a gay guy if I saw him in passing.

  11. He’s not wearing those for vixens though, it’s for our team. When you work hard for legs like that why not wear something to make them attract attention.

    1. That’s not David McIntosh,the British model/trainer/whatever the Hell he does for a living 😀

      1. Oh no. I know who David is, TRUST!! That’s my one-night-stand-in-my-head (even though I don’t do those). LOL
        I think this guy was from a previous posting, though.

      2. Oh Lol when you said British I thought of him.Well now we know you would sleep with David McIntosh if you guys crossed paths.😀

      3. I wouldn’t do it. I need to get to know a person before I gets down with him/her.
        David…That’s only in my head, Y!

    2. Christian your right it’s the dude from the post last month. It’s lukiemalise that’s his Instagram name.

      1. That explains it. Culturally things are different in European countries. I figured that’s what it was. This is probably a completely normal outfit there for even a straight man in their more fluid culture.

  12. Yes, I would go out with him with that outfit on. He looks good and If he feels good in it, let him be. I’m the one he’s with and everyone will be looking and wondering. Who cares, live your life!!!

  13. Honestly, I wouldn’t. I don’t like tight fitting clothes on women OR men. It’s ok if it fits a LITTLE close…but that outfit is just too tight. It looks like if he took one step the rest of that shyt would rip. LOL

  14. They are a little *quaint* but he still looks good in them so I’ll allow it. Believe it or not guys with bodies like his have a hard time finding jeans that fit properly. That tiny waist and those muscular thighs make it really difficult to get a perfect fit. Lets pray he finds a good tailor……

    Btw, that shirt……… PERFECTO 🙌🙌

    1. Levis makes special jeans that fit men that workout and develop bigger legs and quads. They are a lifesaver for me lol

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