shaun t is tight af and wants us to be tight af too

fitness training hybrid,
shaun t,
continues to keep his bawdy up.
i know his husband jumps on that whenever he has a free moment.

lowkey: one of my fantasies with my partner…
c’mere i’ll font you…
so one of my fantases,
is having my partner cum in me and we get a kid or an animal together.

shaun t wants you to keep our lower bawdy tight with his classes.
this was how he decided to advertise it with beyonce

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Can I Fit In Dem Jeans?

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.59.12 PMwould you kick him out of bed?
i sure wouldn’t.
it’s funny how straight vixens see things differently than “us”.
so i was sent the following picture that posed a question
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It Was Like Throwing A Hot Dog Down A Hallway

Back Cameraso the summer is here and you know what that means?
time to start finding someone(s) to smash.
in all this searching and keeping myself open,
there is one thing that is my biggest fear.
i am about to show you.
okay here goes…
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He Had To Lather Himself With Butter To Get In Those Jeans

tumblr_msd866e10J1rdid5bo1_500…i mean seriously tho?
he might be a super hero.

he just disguised as a regular citizen is all.

lowkey: that is too big.
i’m not attracted to all that at all.

mental homework: (14)

how is everyone’s sunday?
good i hope.
well i wanted to ya’ll to think of someone iceed left in:

Smelly Dick, Smelly Dick, What Are They Feeding You?

this is for the foxes out there.
it’s all the steps in keeping those butt cheeks clean and fresh.
you always want to present a juicy treat for your wolf.
this is what he said…

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WOLF MEAT: (155)

i saw some cak…

i think you wolves might enjoy!

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