It Was Like Throwing A Hot Dog Down A Hallway

Back Cameraso the summer is here and you know what that means?
time to start finding someone(s) to smash.
in all this searching and keeping myself open,
there is one thing that is my biggest fear.
i am about to show you.
okay here goes…

elf3PHydo you see that?
isn’t it scary.
i didn’t mean the actual meal.
i meant my booty hole looking like that.
i see it all the time in porn.
the comments on myvidster are never as nice.
hell my imagination is even worse.
how much sex does it take for one’s booty hole to look like a war zone?
i like the tightness i already have,
and although i know it won’t last with an active sex life,
i would definitely like to be able to hold my bowels at least.
so any foxologists in the house?
i see ya over there.
raise ya hands like ya just don’t careeee…

tumblr_ljgels3ROm1qitfwho1_400no seriously…

How can you stop your booty hole from looking like mush?

these are the types of questions i’d ask star fox.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “It Was Like Throwing A Hot Dog Down A Hallway”

      1. Well I wouldn’t say immediately afterwards, probably won’t work as well, but you can. Do them all day you don’t really make any movement when doing them unless you draw attention to yourself. So you can do them anywhere once you learn. At work, watching TV, riding in a car, do laundry, lying in bed doesn’t matter.

  1. Remy Mars says stick a marshmallow in your hole. His hole is the internal pit and I don’t think his walls are as damaged as some of the others

  2. My understanding that men and gay men can do kegel exercises to keep those muscles toned. Google “kegel” or “kegel exercises” or “kegel exercises for men”.

  3. I heard something about salt and bathwater. Don’t quote me on that. I think it said to sit in a bathtub and soak your butt-hole in salt and I think they mean Epsom salts. I’m sure there some loose booty lurking bottoms that can comment on this one. My butt-hole doesn’t get much attention unless it’s from myself so I wouldn’t know.

    You should’ve seen my face the first time I saw a gay man with an asshole that looks like a vagina. 🙁

    1. ^yeah that shit is scary as hell!
      like these porn stars with the overworked holes.
      xl looks like his hole is still normal after the poundings he gets…

  4. I can’t really speak on this topic much. I’ve never asked a Fox how he keeps it tight, but I’ll try my best to give a little insight lol. Here it goes. I think preservation is key. I believe that a Fox should not be getting their holes pounded more than two or three times a week. That shit is not a pussy man. I am going to be really honest with y’all right now too. When the walls are gone, the Wolf will leave, especially when the Fox’s ass was not tight from the beginning. Dudes as young as myself, are letting guys smash every night and their holes are not that tight anymore, sad man. Some men are in the diaper isle at Walmart shopping for diapers and are not even 30 yet. The more you preserve it, I think the better it would be as you get older. That’s how I feel man. It is not just about keeping us Wolves satisfied either. You should want to keep yourself healthy, and be able to hold your bowels similarly to the average person. I’m cool with getting some ass three days a week, even if I was in a straight relationship. Some days, I just want to chill and relax, and kick my feet up, especially on Sundays during football season. I mostly rest on weekends anyway.

    1. ^i like this man.
      See when I was getting pounded back then,
      it was a “when I was horny” type of thing.
      I could go a couple months without seeing a pipe.
      i would allow myself to heal.
      what if I meet someone and they stick around?

  5. I have to assume you all want to still be tight in your later years too, so y’all need to be asking guys who are still right n tight and are over the age of 40. I’m just sayin lol.

  6. Here in the Caribbean , they say a trip to the beach / Sea bath normally works. So maybe there is something about Salt water that is tightening. Or probably there are other things tgat you can do besides full on sex?

  7. The only thing that I know of is that if you fuck yourself with a dildo before getting penetrated it help takes the dick a lot better. And kegel seem to help, but doesn’t that help the inside instead of the outside?

  8. epsom salt actually usually only relieves sore muscles contrary to popular belief it DOESN’T retighten the vaginal or anal muscles…in fact most of the content in epsom salt rarely makes through the outermost layer of your skin when you soak in it…so i guess perservation is the best way, being that the average man isn’t going to have a monster penis you should be fine, just do everything in moderation, which i feel is the law of the universe…when it’s in moderation you’ll be fine, once you engage in something excessively it causes problems…

    1. Once the muscle is done, you might as well forget it lol. They can do exercises and use as much epsom salt as they want, the damage is irreversible just like the damage smoking does to the lungs. Dudes got to chill, and find an unselfish wolf who cares about their well being.

  9. Lol my butt is tight. Haven’t had anything in it besides a cleansing finger in a long time about 10.5 years. The next wolf I meet is going to be calling me daily as he will not get enough but I plan on preserving it for a special someone. As of right now I might just creep and get sum once but if he ain’t talking about cuffing after the first encounter don’t give him any more sex foxes leave his ass alone lmao.

  10. Shit ya’ll just talking about keeping it tight.

    What about anal warts? Now that shit is scary and it can only be removed with surgery and can easily come back.

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