I Mean, I Guess We Could Attend The BET Awards

bet-awards-2014so who is watching the bet awards this weekend?!
well you didn’t have to throw a tomato at me!
  anyway i was looking at the list of performers and…

nicki minaj
lil wayne
trey songz
john legend
mack wild
august alsina
jennifer hudson
mary j. blige
lionel richie
robin thicke
jhene aiko





iggy izelea
ibegyourpardonwhat is she doing there?
why does this line up seem kind of…
they know nicki don’t like that girl.
august don’t like trey either.
i see bet on that “mtv mess”
…and i’ll be tuned right in.

the “2014 bet awards” happens this sunday at 8pm on,
you guessed it,

lowkey: allegedly as an f-bi told me,
chris brown is supposed to be the “surprise” performance.
hopefully he can still dance with all that prison weight.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “I Mean, I Guess We Could Attend The BET Awards”

  1. I hope Chris brown does show. Lately any award show without King B = snooze feast. This is a good lineup although I think half of those performers are more suitable for the pre show.

    1. Well that King B performance at the Grammys wasn’t about shit…..I haven’t seen a good performance from her on live television since her Super bowl Performance. Michael Jackson’s immoral Cirque dude soleil was the best performance show I’ve seen in years.

  2. I don’t think I’m watching. Award shows bore me now. I forgot how much I use to look forward to watching Chris Brown perform. I’m guessing BET has Iggy because they desperately need female rap representation so they’re taking it anyway they can get. They did have Rasheeda from L&HH as a nominee last year, knowing damn well no one had ever heard of her before that reality show.

  3. Mack Wilds must have a good team or he put in some favors, if you know what I mean, to get a spot on the show.

    No Chris Brown performance

    He already performed at the 2010,2011,2012, 2013 awards

    We don’t need another performance of the same sounding song and same dance moves.

  4. I am really on the fence about watching the show. I want to see August, John, Usher, and Nicki. Usher is on a comeback from that last album.

    I don’t want to see Trey and his dissipating talent, and I rather not see Robin Thicke having a mental breakdown either.

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