Your Dose of Karma Is Coming Soon (Open Up)

tumblr_n775w1Pa7U1r8hg1ho1_400i realized a little something today.
thought i would share…

don’t look at the people who left you behind anymore.
you know who i’m talking about.
the ones who did you wrong,
stabbed you in the back,
and left you bleeding on the floor.
the ones who cut you so deep that it took a minute for you to recover.
what they always fail to realize: they will always get theirs.

i ran into one of my old co workers on my lunch break.
she was one of the good ones.
she kept in touch with me to see how i was doing when i was down and out.
always sending me positive affirmations and emails.
i was always appreciative.
well she filled me in that a lot of the people who hated on me all got fired.
all within these last couple of months.
one actually got the heave “hoe” this morning.
every last one of them fired for doing scandalous shit at work.
while that job was working me like a dog,
they were doing nada and living the “good life”.
little did they know,
that would all come to an end this year.
i found it pretty ironic.
i even reached out to some,
just to say “hello”,
and instantly got denied.
funny how the tables turned.

giphy-1just keep doing you.
your time for retribution is coming.
keep making sure you work hard.
that you fight.
always making sure you treat people good.
realize that you will only be down for so long.
ultimately things will come back around for you.
those people who hurt you will meet their karma.
it always happens sooner or later.
probably once you finally let them go and move on with your life.
i won’t laugh at them or wish ill on them.
i refuse to mess up my blessings being an asshole.

“i saw that.” – said karma.

i recognize what has happened and i will continue to keep on climbing in my own journey.
“ain’t it funny…”
i pray that god has mercy on them and they can get back on their feet soon.
i know what its like to have no job in this tough economy.
maybe this “sit down time” is to learn how to be better people?
who knows?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Your Dose of Karma Is Coming Soon (Open Up)”

  1. Nothing good can come to those who do harm to other people man. The ones who live well always win.

    1. ^thanks immanuel and everyone.
      It’s hard it see it when you’re going through it tho.
      we all have to reap for our actions.
      no matter how negative or positive.

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