Tight Fit

tumblr_n0tkw15YhK1qcrgoro1_500i feel like everyone’s pants/jeans should fit like this.
i saw this go down my tumblr and i really dug it.
this is how i like my jeans to fit my body.
grown man sag is acceptable…
like so:

tumblr_mqt9zaTk1L1scrud0o1_500…because i know some of you have fat asses.
something about seeing the start of the cheek curvage is hot,
but this shit here:

…but that extremely d cup booty cleavage is for the birds.
well unless you doing it for a purpose.
oh and belts are so 2013.
i barely wear a belt anymore.
your jeans/pants should fit where you don’t need one.
so you boys can retire your fake gucci and louie belts now.
random fox swagg entry.
nothing feels better than being groped in pants that fit.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Tight Fit”

  1. I need a belt. I need my pants to feel secure, even if they fit. Plus, I don’t like empty loops, and it’s something manly anout wearing a belt. It just feels right.

    I’m smiling from ear to ear right now too. Dude on the train is fat doe. Yeeeaaaa. He’s stacked like shit. You gotta climb that shit if you wanna hit it from the back. He could have displayed it in a more of a presentable fashion, but ass is ass and I’m a man.

    1. I’m with The Man on this. I feel naked, not quite dressed without a belt. Was thinking it might be a generational thing until I saw The Man’s post. Now, I have to say I do love to see the curvature when there’s no belt being worn on others.

  2. The first guy’s pants are better but they’re still too small.It looks like they bought their pants in the women’s section.

  3. It hard finding a good pair of jeans like the jeans that I have are loose around my waist, but hugs my thighs and I don’t like the loose feeling, so I have to wear belts.

  4. ^I agree with Lindo but I have to have loose fitting jeans. I’m self conscious about my ass and bulge (lol) so my jeans can’t fit me just right.

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