tumblr_n1uc4yXIcO1qiqpcoo1_500queen lupita for the win!!!!!
lookin’ like a black cinderella.
i literally cried for my girl.
“12 years a slave” is literally her first film right out of college.
just goes to show that anything can happen in your life.
you might be down now,
but you don’t know what is about to happen.
miracles can manifest in 5 minutes.
the path you have chosen could be aligning all your dreams to come true.
keep your hopes and aspirations alive!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “QUEEN LUPITA!!!!!!”

  1. She has that phylicia Rashaad Claire Huxtable vibe and she really can not take a bad picture go get’em love!!!! I just hope this new found fame doesn’t polute her head…Hollywood…. Ugh!!!

  2. Love her! So happy for her, and no matter who wins best actor and best actress, Lupita is the star tonight!

  3. I seriously have a soft spot for this girl. Her backstory is very Cinderella and Hollywood played that up for sure. I’m proud of her success but lets be real… this whole thing is giving me Jennifer Hudson vibes after she won her Oscar in 07. J-Hud is still a massive celebrity but where is her movie career?! I just hope Lupita can do something AFTER the initial hype is over.

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