even in death, aretha franklin will be seen as a queen

even in death,
aretha franklin will still be the queen that she is.
for the next day,
you can view aretha’s body at the charles h. wright museum of african american history,
in her hometown of detriot.
she pulled up to the building in a 1936 laSalle:

and was brought in my pallbearers,
who wore white gloves,
in a gold casket fit for a queen:

according to “the daily mail”,
she will have about 3 costume changes before her funeral…
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nicki minaj should blame the barbz for making her number 2

can someone explain to me WHAT nicki minaj is doing?
as you know,
this whole “queen” era is a shit show.
i didn’t think queens carry on the way how she is.
so the billboard charts came out and nicki came in at number 2.

you’d think coming in second would be no issue,
she got to fonting on twitter and …
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why is nicki minaj’s “queen” out here selling like a joker?

tour bundles.
…and yet,
nicki minaj still under performed with her latest effort,
i don’t get it or maybe i do.
so according to “hits daily double”
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nicki minaj wants you to see who the “queen” really is

i didn’t even wake up fully this morning before i got the message.
my home wolf,
who is a hip hop stan,
sent me the kite that nicki minaj’s album is dropping today.
yes ya’ll,
this is no hoax,
but “queen” is dropping today.
this is what she put on her instagram
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chris sails with the nice tails?

i never heard of chris sails until recently.
i learned he’s a youtube sensation who has about 2 mill subs.
his stans are like serious too.
he dated another youtuber named queen,
who they have a cub,
but she is now dating this wolf:

…and i don’t blame her,
at all.
clarence is a teenage dream.
their stans are like intense too.
well a foxholer was telling me how chris has a nice tail.
you can’t tell me that because a fox gets curious.
this is what i came across sniffing around…
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So We Have A New Queen?

adele-rollingstone-cover-2015-billboard-510i have been listening to “25” non stop since it came out.
its like i’ll hear one song and have it on repeat for a few hours.
right now,
i’m killin’ “send my love (to your new lover)”.
i’m actually impressed with adele tho.
she knows the art of going away.
she lets her public miss her.
she also has a fan base who buys her music.
she doesn’t do what the others vixens do.
always having to supply attention out of insecurity.
she is a very private person and lets her music speak to you.
i guess thats why she sold ( x 3.5 million albums ) this week.
it also helped she didn’t allow any streaming.
so while other stan bases are fuming,
and having online temper tantrums,

 i guess this means she gets the…
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