nicki minaj wants you to see who the “queen” really is

i didn’t even wake up fully this morning before i got the message.
my home wolf,
who is a hip hop stan,
sent me the kite that nicki minaj’s album is dropping today.
yes ya’ll,
this is no hoax,
but “queen” is dropping today.
this is what she put on her instagram

wow she dug up foxy too?
i’m interested in taking a listen once it drops.
she has turned a lot of folks off with the antics,
but i have some time to see what the music is about.
i enjoyed the two singles,
“chun li” and “barbie tingz”.
she didn’t put “barbie tingz” on the album for whatever reason.
“ganja burns” = eh.
i didn’t even check out “bed”.
i see how everything flows with the album after i listen.
let’s reconvene after we sink our teeth into it.

lowkey: i hope she gives a good album,
even though i don’t see any hype for it.
with a title like “queen”,
she needs to bring the heat.
this already doesn’t look good tho:

wow at nicki talking a mile a minute and her alleged friend blasting her.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “nicki minaj wants you to see who the “queen” really is”

  1. She doesn’t take public criticism well… queue the clap backs from her on social media once they start clowning the album… good or not

      1. I’ve been hearing good things about it…but people always go crazy over a new album dropping. I’ll give it a listen.

  2. I understand Nicki. She’s human… constantly on the receiving end of hate and criticism that men of hip hop don’t get. Always compared. Always criticized. Always devalued by men who call her wack whilst bumping any Z-list SoundCloud mumble rapper. I get it. She desperately wants to be respected but doesn’t understand how to get it.

    I want that translated on this album. Talk about it. Give me something real. We don’t need another Beez In The Trap. That’s why most of us are bored… because a lot of people feel as though she’s done all she can. I hope she can proved us wrong.


    1. ^i’d like to hear more about her struggles,

      talk about her brother and how that made her feel
      meek mill and that break up
      her honest feelings about remy and the diss track
      how it feels every day to be in her skin

      give us an intimate look at the real nicki minaj with some “boss ass bitch” mixed in

  3. I enjoyed the album for the most part. Funny that the same people trashing her were the same ones who tuned in & listened when it first dropped.

    And yes, the men in the industry never get this much hate, misogyny is real in hip hop.

    1. I liked three tracks, the rest you can keep. She still mostly sounds like an amateur rapper. What happened to growing and expanding your craft?

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