even in death, aretha franklin will be seen as a queen

even in death,
aretha franklin will still be the queen that she is.
for the next day,
you can view aretha’s body at the charles h. wright museum of african american history,
in her hometown of detriot.
she pulled up to the building in a 1936 laSalle:

and was brought in my pallbearers,
who wore white gloves,
in a gold casket fit for a queen:

according to “the daily mail”,
she will have about 3 costume changes before her funeral…

The funeral home in charge of the homegoing service for the late Aretha Franklin has announced that the Queen of Soul will don multiple outfits in true diva fashion. 

Linda Swanson, executive vice president of Swanson Funeral Home, which is coordinating Franklin’s viewings and other services, said the Franklin family authorized her to reveal that the singing legend’s wardrobe will be swapped out in the days leading to her burial. 

What she will be wearing is a ‘surprise,’ Swanson told the Detroit Free Press, but added that the clothing will be ‘Just natural changes in wardrobe that a queen would make.’

Franklin was dressed in red to symbolize her honorary membership in the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and Owens said that dress looked like ‘something she would have selected for herself’ to wear on stage. 

She told INSIDE EDITION that the red dress had a lace bodice and sleeves and a netting skirt. Her shoes were Christian Louboutins and her jewelry was custom made for the funeral.  

i’ll allow it all.
i’m so glad they allowed a public viewing for her fans.
i wish i had the funds and means to attend.
you can watch the live stream of the viewing: here

her fans are taking it very hard from the pictures i’ve seen.
the testimonies and emotions made me cry.
what i try to remember is aretha lived a very long life.
with it’s tests,
she had a testimony that reigned down many blessings.
she is the “queen of soul”.
that’s what needs to be celebrated amongst the tears.
we will continue to stan for our black legend.
aretha’s funeral will be televised and streamed live this friday.
God willing,
i’ll be there.
i’ll save you a seat.

lowkey: i love her recent album with the philharmonic orchestra.
i been listening to that daily.

article cc: the daily mail

3 thoughts on “even in death, aretha franklin will be seen as a queen

  1. Long live the Queen indeed! She was really an underrated musician. Her and her sisters (Erma and Carolyn) are responsible for the majority of those Atlantic era hits that have proven to be timeless. I can’t wait to watch the funeral tomorrow. I wish they would have done something similar for Prince, Natalie, Donna, Maurice White, George and Daryl Coley. So many greats have passed this decade alone. Who will be around to be honored? It might be time to start acknowledging the lesser known but probably just as gifted musicians like Stephanie Mills, Cameo, Roberta Flack, Lenny Kravitz, Little Richard etc. People that are still here and deserve their flowers.

  2. I never thought I could be so emotional! Aretha has been a large part of my adult life..I was leaving for college after a terrible affair and break up. Just as I reached Houston City Limits, KYOK Played I ain’t Never Loved a Man! It was the perfect song for how I was feeling. I stopped at the first record shop and bought it! She has always had something out there that reflects my life at some time or another..We will be hearing that voice for years to come.
    Long Live The Queen!

  3. Aretha was truly annointed!! I was listening to her discography, whew!! She did it all!!! I totally forgot how well she played piano.. She left us with a treasure trove of music to enjoy!! RIP Queen!!

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