even in death, aretha franklin will be seen as a queen

even in death,
aretha franklin will still be the queen that she is.
for the next day,
you can view aretha’s body at the charles h. wright museum of african american history,
in her hometown of detriot.
she pulled up to the building in a 1936 laSalle:

and was brought in my pallbearers,
who wore white gloves,
in a gold casket fit for a queen:

according to “the daily mail”,
she will have about 3 costume changes before her funeral…
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I Think I’ll Wear Coats Over My Shoulders This Summer

f302bdb7bf36b17acef6aac0703c8bf9^this was kim kardashian in 2012.
you see that?
the correct way to wear high waist pants.
well the following is kim kardashian in 2016 at the snapchat offices.
i saw these pictures today and well…
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August Alsina’s Outfit Is Interesting

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.00.36 PMaugust said he designed it himself.
i don’t know how i feel about the pants.
i feel like it throws it all off.
maybe its just me.
i do like the color of the shirt and trench.

picture credited: THEYBF

Cam Newton’s Stylist Didn’t Like Him That Day Apparently

8aff2f4aa25c5c7eff1f8d6ea95ac669…or is he his own stylist?
either way,
nfl baller wolf cam newton usually has a good baller wolf swagg.
something went left field at his post game press conference sunday tho…
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KeKe Palmer Opted For “Twerk Chic” In Ferguson

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 11.25.23 PMsoooooooo….
^that is the outfit keke palmer decided to wear to ferguson to protest for michael brown.

hair done.
nails done.
twerk outfit did.
everyone is destroying her mentions about it.
( x see some destruction )
what happened to a simple jeans and t shirt?
i guess it should be the thought that counts.
the fact she went down there in the first place.
maybe she was “interview” ready?
personally i would have worn some kicks and “ready to bolt” wear.
they down there ack’n a fool.
the police also shown they not with the chill.

they ain’t about to get me in some foolishness.

lowkey: she had to put her janet jackon “poetic justice” hair in for this tragic event.

This Is A “Jamari” Right Here

87c763005582e9fa70e8adc209ec2fb3i was doing some fox swaggin on ( x my pinterest ) and came across this outfit.
this is all me.
from the scarf,
to the gloves,
to what i suspect is an ipad mini holder.
i can see it now…
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