David Mcintosh and What Looks Like Embarrassment

tumblr_n8675zqbGq1qz7b12o1_500so model wolf,
david mcintosh and his snow bunny kelly brooks,
were spotted talking a nice walk.
well they were going to buy a bike.
david decided he wanted to be the center of attention with his outfit…
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f0xmail: Is This Baller Wolf’s Outfit Super F’n Gay or What?


Morning Jamari How’s Florida? Ok anyway I think when a man wears a woman’s item it’s a way of letting the world know a tid bit of they sexuality. Like a scarf in a feminine way or a pair of woman’s clothes. I say this cause one of our fox hole faves is spotted wearing a pair of ugg boots:

imageyes that’s cam cam (cam newton) in a pair of uggs….. This year…… And the pants are tucked in…

what do you think?


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f0x swagg: My MTV VMAs Outfit Style Board

1800x1500…in my head.
so as you know,
i’m not attending the mtv vmas in brooklyn this year.
i tried but no cigar.
i felt kind of bummed about it,
but i decided to put my creativity to good use.
if this was a perfect situation,
and i had money to cop any outfit of my choice,
this is probably what i would have wore tonight…

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Learn To Pick Your Battles?

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 12.28.55 PMi have been getting emails about this whole b scott/bet drama.
it has blown up pretty crazy since that night.
i’m on the fence with this entire issue
here’s why…

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f0xswagg: Russell Westbrook… What Is This?

besides songzbird and his bright ass sneakers..

songzbird scored 6 points.
did anyone peep what russell westbrook was wearing at the celebrity allstar game?
well let me show you…

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The Fox Swagg: “I Love My Wolf To Obey” Event

First of all:


I wanted to look as comfortable as possible.
Since I can’t buy anything new to update my wardrobe,
I went into my closet and tried to pull something together.
It was whatever, but it got good reviews.
This is what I came up…

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