f0xswagg: Russell Westbrook… What Is This?

besides songzbird and his bright ass sneakers..

songzbird scored 6 points.
did anyone peep what russell westbrook was wearing at the celebrity allstar game?
well let me show you…

he couldn’t wait to wear those camo pants from supreme.

did his stylist die?
he looks like the newest member of sesame street.
an ostrich of some kind.
everything just looks so lumpy,
ill fitting,
and big
(and not in the good way).
that outfit looks like something mr. brown would wear from madea.

lose everything.
start over.

i’m sending someone from the foxhole to go down there and work him out.
any volunteers?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “f0xswagg: Russell Westbrook… What Is This?”

  1. Damn he looks like a molester that you would not trust your male children around, that stylist needs to be taken out back and shot in the ass with a 12-gauge shotgun. Those nut cutters he got on are not the business, what queen told him that this was cute, call June Ambrose 911 asap she needs to drop whatever she is doing and have an emergency intervention. I guess the look is Jr. Choir organist realness.

  2. Trey Songz is lookin so delicious in those pictures.
    I usually don’t find him attractive either.

    And omg I will gladly style him. Looks like they said fuck it and just handed him to one of those hypster Tumblr kids.

    S/N: He really does look like a pervert LOL.

  3. All I have to say is I would have been playing some aggressive defense on Trey aka feeling him up and groping him.

      1. ^songzbird is with some fine muscular person.
        i need names.
        terrance j is sitting with fred,
        his fine ass best friend.
        j cole and drake look good.
        beyonce looks really nice.
        i need a “jay z” in my life.
        i love the love between them.

        that’s all I notice from my sick bed.

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