Pre Baller Wolf, Chris Jones, Came Out at #Combine

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 4.49.45 PM…and not the “coming out” you may have had in mind.
everyone meet chris jones.
he is the pre baller wolf for mississippi state.
well while doing his 40 yard dash today at the #nflcombine,
it seems he couldn’t stay in his pants.
this happened courtesy of the nfl network
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Lenny Kravitz Gets Some Leakage

Lenny-Kravitz-shared-close-upso lenny kravitz is next in line for some leakage.
so he was performing at a concert in stockholm monday night.
in popping a squat during a song,
his pants ripped and his pipe flew right out.
this is what happens when you wear nut huggers.
well the f-bi sent me the picture and well…
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The Baller Wolf With The Surprise In His Pants

this baller wolf know what he was doing with those pants.
from what i can see,
he plays for the arizona cardinals.
i can’t read the numbers tho.
whoever he is…
do i even need to say it?


How Does King James Get In His Pants?

lebrondonkeven tho his toes are throwing up gang signs,
king james has one of the best all wolf bodies in the nba.
imagine all that laying on top of you?
im leakin’ just thinkin about it.
his thighs and donk>>>>>
yeah i can def look past the toe situation.

WOLF MEAT: (334)

what chu think of his…

The Pre-Baller Wolf Stars In “Monty Python’s Holy Grail”

pre baller wolf for lsu,
russell shepard,


may have a problem.
a big problem.
see it was lsu’s “exhibition of talent” day and he had to run the 40 yard dash.
before he ran,
one of the commentators made a huge discovery

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