The Pre-Baller Wolf Stars In “Monty Python’s Holy Grail”

pre baller wolf for lsu,
russell shepard,


may have a problem.
a big problem.
see it was lsu’s “exhibition of talent” day and he had to run the 40 yard dash.
before he ran,
one of the commentators made a huge discovery

you know it’s big when the commentators have to announce it.
maybe russell shouldn’t wear light colored spandex anymore.
they do say black is slimming.
although something tells me,
he isn’t complaining.


x watch video of russell’s pet snake at deadspin

9 thoughts on “The Pre-Baller Wolf Stars In “Monty Python’s Holy Grail”

  1. Lol I went to high school with him…wish I knew then what I know now tho. Never paid him much attention back then

  2. They should invite him “after” to come show them what he is “made of”.. Why are the “ballers” at my school not worth looking at? *sigh*

      1. They love to dick watch and talk about it because they usually lack in that department and are in amazement of the strikingly huge difference in flaccid and erect states of non Caucasian males.

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