I Heard You Passed Out When You Had To Ride That Thing.


wolf and vixen get on the slingshot and he passes out twice.
i could not stop laughing at this clip…

i love to ride dangerous things and have never passed out.
never even threw up either.
*beats chest*
well… i haven’t been on “the slingshot” before so that may change.
this is the most i have done:

… but i find it kinda crazy how one minute he was screaming,
and then next minute he was gone.
i’m surprised his neck didn’t snap from all that force.
i had to ask…
has anyone ever passed out/threw up on a ride before?

lowkey: i know ya’ll nasty asses about to involve ridin’ dick somehow.


i know you all too well.

Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “I Heard You Passed Out When You Had To Ride That Thing.”

  1. I told y’all before, I can’t even ride a merry go round without throwing up. Me on a ride like this will never happen.

      1. Yea, I’m serious. It does not take much for me to get dizzy on a ride. A quick u-turn in a car will fuck me up just a little. I remember that merry go round day as if it was yesterday lol. I was only 7 at the time, but as soon as that shit went around about 5 times I was already over it. I threw up all over my green sweatsuit, I was a mess that day lol. I had a lil shorty at the time, and she got off the ride just to help me out with cleaning up. She even went into the boys bathroom with me and we got caught by a teacher lol. My sis had to leave work just to come pick me up from school. She had to lay towels all over the back seat of her truck. It was that bad lol. Don’t laugh at me guys.

  2. I took my nephew to a Six Flag Theme Park last summer and my ass tried to ride everything so he would have fun. I was out of commission for almost a week, I was sore and dizzy, like my equilibrium had been thrown off with all those drops, twist and turns. I turned in my ride card on that day and do not care if I dont ride none of that crazy SHIT again. Aint no way in hell I would get on that Lex Luther ride unless I wore a Depends Diaper, because I would be a shitty mess, and you must not be wrap tight to even entertain getting on that damn sling shot ride. Whew, I will enjoy watching these clips of other fools.

  3. I don’t do scary rides anymore. Nope! Pineapples! Tyson doesn’t do them! lol. The last time I rode on a big ride was at the fair. The ride was called the Fireball and it just rocked back and forth. Harmless right? EHH WRONG ANSWER! That fuckin ride took you back and forth on a loop, until you would be hanging upside down for about 2 minutes (which felt like 20 minutes), and keep doing that until the ride was over. I almost fell out the ride while it was in the air. I thought my life was over! I prayed to God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit! lol. That’s why I don’t do big rides like that. Aint nobody got time for that! lol

  4. Do water rides count?

    I lost my breath going down Pipeline Peak, at WaterWorks, inside Kings Dominion back in the day.

    Broke away from my father and older brother. I was like 9 or 10, the ride has four connected slides/tubes, my little dumb ass picked the highest opened slide at 77 feet. Climbed all to the top, it was so high the temperature changed on my ass, I was cold at the top. The attendant made me take my shirt off. So now I’m freezing getting ready to slide down. She puts me in into position, and makes me hold my shirt to my chest, I drop, the slide was at a sharp angle so halfway through the ride I lose my breath. I’m trying not panic trying to keep hold of my shirt while rushing water in hitting my nostrils and face on the way down. Eyes opened the whole time. At the bottom there a two more attendants to catch you. I take a deep breath, ring my shirt out, and try to catch up with my older brother and father at the lazy river.

    The fastest and scariest 15 second water ride I’m ever been on–and the last—at that height anyway.

    Developed a fear heights, but not water or water slides, after that ride.

    Now for actual roller coasters, the Loch Ness Monster, at Busch Gardens, for an old-school roller coasters that joker has a mean drop @ 114 feet. The G-forces are something serious.

    If you’re a glutton for punishment, get on Apollo’s Chariot.

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