1 new message.
let’s see who this is.

 “yo sup checkin u out”

that message lead to a couple hours of back n forth.
you feelin him,
but you haven’t seen what this person looks like.
do you ask?
do you just go with the flow?
fuck it.

“so what you look like?”


game over.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “MEETUP WITH A FACELESS STRANGER: (26)”

  1. He’s basic. But so are half of the niggas I date. Fuck it yolo. He can get it, one night only tho

  2. to answer the question, no i am not interested in meeting him, he can have my number and maybe we could run across each other some day in the store

  3. did you really invert a cross and say believe in yourself? You do realize who you are mocking?

  4. He looks cute. I would like to get to know him a little better; ankle monitor and all.

    1. I knew something was not right lol. I was reading and I was like “what’s the catch?” LOL. To keep it real, if dude wanted me to smash him I would tap him, but anything other than that is a no. He looks like he might get arrested tomorrow lol.

    1. His friend is queen nigga big bottom queen …. However he got money … I don’t like queens but sure would fuck if he could take care of Lil daddy

        1. ^he said it violated copyright laws.
          someone sent me and i thought he was attractive.
          i don’t think he realizes the power of what the foxhole can do.
          we make or break these fools looking for some shine.
          this blog gets global love.
          and even vixens.
          not to mention who lurks in the shadows.
          too bad.


  5. lol his friend isn’t a queen at all…shows you don’t know him…money wont deny…but wont take care of a nigga

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