Put It In My Hair


male grooming is one of the most important aspects for a fox.
wolves and hybrids please also apply.
you can’t be a member of the foxhole looking raggedy.
you represent me and us.

lately ive been having dry scalp.
every product i tried wasn’t working,
or would work for a little while and then stop.
i was talking to my health n beauty vixen about my hair woes.
i wanted the shiny hair like:


i’m always impressed with how put together he is.
well she suggested i try something.
it worked.
you know i had to relay the info…

what you need:

pure lemon juice
olive oil
shower cap
brushorganic olive oil shampoo,
and hair spray.


a table spoon



pour 2 tablespoons of lemon juice,
olive oil,
and water in a cup.
pour it on your hair.
rub it all over evenly.
put shower cap on your head.
leave it on for a good 30 minutes
(i do an hour personally)
once that time is up,
go in the shower.
wash it out your hair.
take shampoo and wash hair.
put conditioner.
put shower cap back on.
(i leave conditioner in as i shower)
wash conditioner out.
moisturizer hair and brush in style desired.
spray hair spray.
*i usually put a durag on while in the crib.

it makes your hair so shiny and adds the moisture back to hair.
the durag helps lock it in better.
it also cleans the scalp to promote healthy growth and hair.
i know it sounds like a a lot and trust,
i only do it on sundays.
take ten minutes or however long you need to dedicate to your upkeep.
butt cheeks if needed….

if anyone has any other suggestions or even products,
please share.

lowkey: i can’t wait til i’m able to afford the products the “starrahs” use.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “Put It In My Hair”

  1. Spinninq Waves or 360 style wave pomade, available at Sally’s or any local beauty supply retailer. shampoo and rinse hair, while hair is DAMP. finger scoop pomade, rub in hand, place on hair, brush, durag. Nitey nite.

  2. I can see some of these dudes having their girlfriends put those kits in their hair. Lol

    When people ask me when I’m getting a cut I tell them I’m going Django look. They give the craziest looks. Lol

    1. Django? I know not. It ain’t nothing wrong with it tho. It’s a dude in a couple of my classes with a lil fro, but he got good hair and his is curly. I tried to get him early the other morning while talking about work(like 5am). He was up all night doing work, he hit me up and I was trying to catch him slippin knowing he was tired. I am so evil lol.

  3. I use to ponder how all these dudes got 360 waves and glossy hair, especially if I don’t see them carrying a brush 24/7.

    I assumed ALL of them put texturizers in their hair. Lmao!

    I used to be the type that was always brushing my waves. Now honestly, I don’t even get a cut on the regular like I used to. Lol I’m going to do better.

  4. Oh my god I use sportin’ waves lol

    S/N: All wave grease is not good for your hair tho. I had a bad experience with this one brand of grease called Deep Wave, do not use it. I had dandruff flakes the size of my pinky nail and I did not know why. I would wash my hair, and it would show back up days later. Ever since I changed to sportin’ waves, I haven’t had the issue in years.

    1. ^sportin’ waves is a throwback.
      i use to use it,
      but my hair can get wavy off just a plain hair moisturizer.
      i got that “indian”.
      lol jk

      i guess this entry shows everyone’s hair is different lol

  5. I really don’t put anything in my hair. I don’t trust some products because they’re not targeted toward ethnic groups. I’ll look into some of the products mentioned on here though. I don’t put anything in my hair as of late because my hair is naturally wavy. I do however need to find some good moisturizers though, so my hair doesn’t become dry.

    1. ^health n beauty vixen told me about the lemon and olive oil because those are natural ingredients.
      it has worked so far.
      process is a little long,
      but vixens do worst in achieving nice hair.

  6. That’s waaaay too much. The olive cream is good enough. Just use Sport N wave to get the waves and Let’ Jam for a great gloss. Also try Pantene Pro-v Relaxed & Natural shampoo and conditioner….it is truly PHENOMENAL for ethnic hair. It gives your hair a great moisture, shine and even makes the color more dark and vibrant

  7. Also try a vitamin supplement with Biotin or B-Complex. These things will also improve your hair (skin and nails too) and you can it in conjunction with your shampoo or regular hair care routine. I use Motions Lavish Conditioning Shampoo.

    Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is great for all of the body and works well on your hair as a moisturizer-conditioner.

    I keep olive oil, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar in my bathroom cabinet at all times.

      1. Simple …. 3000mg of fish oil a day and or 1 table spoon of apple cider vinegar in 8oz of apple juice.

  8. Now this is my territory lol. I have always wanted that shine as well, but I never get around to getting the products. You know it is really not that hard for a man to take care of his hair. All those products aren’t even necessary lol. I worry about all those products damaging my hair because they all are mixed together, they prob. won’t, but I do not want to take the risk. I have waves, and I don’t really have issues with them until they start growing longer. I haven’t wore my durag to bed in like 2 months, yeah I know. I cannot sleep with it on, I don’t know why. I have had my hair like this for the past 4 years, and I just can’t seem to keep it on at night lol. I have to do my hair every morning smh. All I use is wave grease and water(when it grows out), and I wear my durag when I need to flatten my hair to my scalp. Those three things are all I have ever used when it comes to my hair, no kit or nothing, and my hair always looks good.

    1. ^i was doing that for years and then it just stopped.
      i wanted deeper waves tho.
      its like i always have to make sure my hair has oil in it.
      i also don’t want it all the time.
      i dunno what was going on lol

      1. How deep did you want them? They can only get so deep lol. Once they get there, they will not get any deeper.

      2. My point exactly. Mine are that deep, but my pattern is not the same tho. If you want them to look like that you will have to change your pattern. Using a kit will get them like you want them. The only way to change your pattern is if you cut them out and start over lol. I want to start mine over cause when I started them I did not know what I was doing, but I keep thinking how hard I worked to get them. My pattern is good, but I could improve it to look more like the ones in the pic.

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