You Usually Make Me Wet… But Not Today.

rain_cloudi havent done one of “these” in a long time.
okay so today it was pouring.
hence the rain cloud above.
i was making pork chops for dinner,
but i ran out of thyme.
my favorite of the seasonings.
i didn’t want to dress up too crazy to go to the sto’.
i went into my closet and found something i only wore once.
i was at work 2 years ago and i didn’t want to get my work shoes soaked.
i have experienced that a couple times before.
i ran on my lunch break and copped…

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Put It In My Hair


male grooming is one of the most important aspects for a fox.
wolves and hybrids please also apply.
you can’t be a member of the foxhole looking raggedy.
you represent me and us.

lately ive been having dry scalp.
every product i tried wasn’t working,
or would work for a little while and then stop.
i was talking to my health n beauty vixen about my hair woes.
i wanted the shiny hair like:


i’m always impressed with how put together he is.
well she suggested i try something.
it worked.
you know i had to relay the info…

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How To Suck His Soul Out Of His Pipe… Taught By A Vixen?

this entry is a f0xmail,
but not really.
i got an email from an faithful f-bi had a video to share with me.
part of his email read:

“I needed to share this video because it BLEW MY MIND to say the least. Its this lady giving a blowjob tutorial, and when I say shes doing some freaky-ass sh*t, dude…whoa, lol. Ive seen alot done in porn clips, but damn. I thought you and your crew would have a definite field day with this one”

i know you foxes/wolves/and hybrids love a good throat tutorial.

get ready for this video…

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This Picture of “Joe Budden” Rocking The Mic On A Wolf Tho…

i’m doing the same face with this alleged picture too joey….

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Just Get Behind Me, Wolfie.

I like when you lay on top of me.

I like feeling the weight of your body pressed against mine.
I like putting my nose on your neck and inhaling your scented flesh.

Issey Mikake?

I like when you slightly press your tongue against my neck.
I like when you put both of your juicy lips on it and start sucking.
I like when you run your hands up and down my side.
I love when you aggressively hold onto my ass.

I like looking in your eyes.
I like dancing with your eyes.
I like that I know what you are thinking just by the way you are looking at me.
I like kissing you.
I like tongue kissing you better.

I like when you just lay with me, fully clothed.
I like when we look out the window in silence.
I like when you hold me and we just lay.
I like when we say nothing.
I like when we don’t anything.
I like silence with you.

I like it when we lay.

Written By Jamari Fox
Short story.
(C) 12.5.11 8:45pm