This Picture of “Joe Budden” Rocking The Mic On A Wolf Tho…

i’m doing the same face with this alleged picture too joey….

it looks like he had to unhinge his jaw to get all that meat inside.
good times.
i’m calling this picture a bluff.
it doesn’t even look like joey.
joey is low key with his dirt.
that’s all i’m saying.
why all these sudden joe budden scandals recently?
oh i know why!


shit looks dry as hell.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “This Picture of “Joe Budden” Rocking The Mic On A Wolf Tho…”

  1. I dont think that is him…but it looks like ole boy is putting in work on that cock lol! OAN: Do Joey have an album or something coming out…all publicity is not good publicity!

  2. I bet some homo was going through their collection of freaky photos on their phone and thought “Tyrone looks like Joe Budden slobbing my dick down”. Then he sent it to another homeboy and so on. Lol

    That could be ANYONE. Lol

  3. That is not Joe, but ol dude looks like he’s slurping on that dick though. If Joe did like other men my heart sincerely goes out to him. As we all know it is very hard for a man in the entertainment industry to be gay or bisexual. Having to always look over your shoulder because you’re scared of who just might be watching is worrisome, it’s sad too when you actually stop and think about it. We can live our lives and hop in and out of bed with whoever we want to, but before men like Joe, Omarion, and Trey get down they would have to take extra precautions to make sure that what goes on in private stays private. In order to get a kiss from Trey Songz( I at least want that from him lol), I probably would have to be stripped searched and locked in a 8×10 room with no electronics whatsoever. Yes I would do all that just to get a kiss from him. LMAO…

  4. Ugh, hate that people do this to celebrities, First Keyshia Cole, Trey Songz, now Joey, this fuckery needs to stop, if you cant deliver the real goods why bother, nobody reputation is safe in this media obsessed society.

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