We All Cum Together For Messy Mondays #lhhny

where the hell was you going with that stray punch?
she was completely open and you completely missed.
stop it and sit cho ass down.
so i have some thoughts on this love and hiphop ny reuinon
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Double The Wolf; Double The Pleasure

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.46.23 PMso remember i sent an APB on who the wolf twins were from love and hiphop ny?
well my f-bi came through as usual.
everyone meet aaron and andrew,
the hardy twins”.
one is a “pretti boy” while the other is “legendary”.
i’m “horny”.

well look at this duplicate meat
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K Michelle Is The “Trillest Bitch In This Game” In A Rolls Royce

tumblr_m7t28oze8A1ru7khoo1_500it must be great to be k michelle.
memphitz who?
toya what?
god has certainly come through for her.
hit character on a show.
album on the way out tomorrow.
dating a nba baller wolf.
what better way to show off than to go to white castle in bk driving a rolls royce

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K Michelle Is An Elephant and Erica Mena Is A Fly.

KMICHELLEERICAMENAi had a feeling erica mena and k michelle would get into it.
it would make for some excellent monday night fall ratchetry, right?
well they gave us a quick preview of what maybe to come on twitter

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I Slept With Over 200+ Wolves In The Industry

not me.
but her:


everyone meet winter ramos.
the nobody cast member on love and hiphop ny.
i know she use to be fabolous assistant.
she barely had screen time in front the camera,
but has allegedly had some face time behind the scenes.
she allegedly offered a bunch of “eh” to “oh really now?” rappers her box.
the best way to talk about it?
the supahead route with a book.
at least she is getting a check,
rather than some quick free minutes on mediatakeout.
she admitted that she fucked:


to get revenge on:


baller alert
has the excerpt from her book:

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this episode of love and hiphop was a doozy.
a lot of shit was going on.
it was fight night.
one that stood out was mendec…whatever,
and the personal trainer he had to “work out” in the gym…

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