K Michelle Is An Elephant and Erica Mena Is A Fly.

KMICHELLEERICAMENAi had a feeling erica mena and k michelle would get into it.
it would make for some excellent monday night fall ratchetry, right?
well they gave us a quick preview of what maybe to come on twitter

here is what erica said:

and now let’s look at k:

k michelle handled that way better than i expected.
i guess she really has been saved in all that is christ.
sorry mona…
looks like love and hiphop ny season 4 may still be wack sauce after all.

lowkey: is joey b on this new season?

i can do with another season of his shiny bald head,
“what’s my name” deep bedroom voice,
and his bi polar convictions and fantasies.

7 thoughts on “K Michelle Is An Elephant and Erica Mena Is A Fly.

  1. You can tell K.Michelle hangs around shady ass queens, because she has read the fuck out of Erica.

  2. I can’t wait for LoveandHipHop NYC to come on. But wait a sec wasn’t Erica involved with Benzino , right?

  3. damn hoe budden looks fine as hell in that picture. I’m tired of reality tv now and im getting into more scripted shows like scandal.

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