mj had no fucks to give about oprah today

irony is something else.
oprah was speaking about balance during her wellness tour and…

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the fall off the mountain is the real bummer


she came here to make it from down south.
she came up here to help her triflin ass family from what i remember.
we met at my past job and we clicked instantly.
after all she did for her triflin ass family,
they kicked her out and she was homeless.
her baby daddy wasn’t shit either.
she tried to live at him,
but it was hell.
she ended up having to go to a homeless shelter,
where someone stole most of her stuff one day.
i remember having to console her because she was crying uncontrollably.

“it’s not fair.”

that’s all i remember her saying as she weeped.
she was determined to make “new yawk” work with her baby tho.
i told her don’t stay here to suffer.
we lost touch after leaving that job,
but we recently re-connected.
i just looked at her socials

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The Great Fall of Jamari Fox

there are certain things that i never think would have to me.
i mean,
a fox has been through a lot,
but certain things are not on my “shit that would happen to me” list.
that would include:

breaking my leg on a ski jump
a freak accident while alligator wrestling
my new career as a “fire eater” backfires

well something on my “list’ happened and i’m in so much pain today…

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Majorie Harvey Needs Ya’ll Ratings For Steve Harvey To Pay The Upkeep

this picture can be summed up in one word.


it’s written all over his face.
he shoulda knew that was a bad idea,
but some love to learn the hard way.
steve harvey thought he was doing something.
he did something alright.
he is allegedly losing fans over his trump meeting last year.
this is what a foxholer sent me from “the daily mail”
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