That Time I Fell Down The Stairs In The Subway

ugh-shirtthis is what i get trying to sexy ‘n’ shit..

we have all locked eyes with a fine wolf in public.
i’m all for a good eye fucking situation.
a good one is the “the 6 second stare down”.
you know in “our” world,
eye contact means everything.
so i’m get to the train station to head home from work.
this fine chocolate wolf was going up and i was going down.
this is the part it felt like slow motion.
so i was looking in his eyes and he was returning the favor.
the back of my oxford heel got caught on the step.
PeteFallsDownVulturethere i go.
a fall forward and i’m on the floor.
i got the fuck up,
tried to wipe my dirty pants off,
and sped walk to the turnstile.
i decided to take the “l” and go.
i heard a few giggles as i tried to avoid eye contact.
like they ain’t never saw someone fall down before.
as for the fine chocolate wolf,
i’m sure that will be how he remembers me for next time.

lowkey: my pants!
i’m more mad my good work pants are dirty.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “That Time I Fell Down The Stairs In The Subway”

  1. Aww man…I hate when ish like that happens…

    It would make for a GREAT “first time I ever saw my life partner” story tho😉

    Hope you’re well Dr. J!

  2. Happens to the best of us!! Something similar happened to me recently so I feel your pain LOL

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