The Great Fall of Jamari Fox

there are certain things that i never think would have to me.
i mean,
a fox has been through a lot,
but certain things are not on my “shit that would happen to me” list.
that would include:

breaking my leg on a ski jump
a freak accident while alligator wrestling
my new career as a “fire eater” backfires

well something on my “list’ happened and i’m in so much pain today…

i got up and was extra tired.
i damn near slept walked into the shower.
so i’m lathering myself up and i literally dropped the soap.
i see why that’s so dangerous in the big house.
as i went to pick it up,
i slipped and it was almost like slow motion.
my legs are up in the air,
i land smack dad on the side of my tub,
and i hit my head when i landed.
i literally had the wind knocked out of me.

i instantly rose up out of that doom and was legit crying.
i was in complete shock and that shit hurt so bad.
i’m thankful it wasn’t worse than it was.
i checked to see if any bones were sticking out of me.
i hit my ribs as i was falling.
i could move,
but i was in a lot of pain.

here i am

i have no health insurance and can’t afford another doctor’s bill.
after researching online,
the doctor will tell me that it has to heal.
unless it hit an organ,
then it would be a cause for a panic.
the fact i put on my clothes and went to work,
that is usually a good sign.
it may take 4-6 weeks to heal.
that is where my depression has come in at.
this was not part of my plan,
but life has a way of going completely left field on me.

lowkey: what depresses me is how alone i feel.
i don’t have anyone to come rescue me when shit happens.
i don’t have health insurance and literally playing russian roulette.
i feel like a loser.

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23 thoughts on “The Great Fall of Jamari Fox”

  1. Hi Jamari.. you are not a loser so get that out of your head. I honestly cannot wait for the day that you make a post about falling in love with the wolf you desire and having a career that you love. Also not trying to be all in your business, but are you on any dating sites? I honestly think you need a good wolf in your life.

  2. I’m sorry for your accident and your pain. Your health is your most important asset.
    The good news is that you can still sign up for subsidized health care in New York:

    NY State of Health Announces Open Enrollment Dates for 2018 Qualified Health Plan Coverage
    Open Enrollment will run November 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018
    ALBANY, NY (September 7, 2017)- NY State of Health, the state’s official health plan Marketplace, today announced that the Open Enrollment Period for 2018 Qualified Health Plan coverage will begin November 1, 2017 and end January 31, 2018. While the federal government has cut the 2018 Open Enrollment Period in half, New York looks to build on its success and is exercising its authority to extend the deadline. A longer enrollment period has been shown to increase enrollment of younger individuals and enables the Marketplace to provide better customer service to New Yorkers.

    “Our goal is to ensure that consumers have adequate time to shop for and enroll in the health plan that is best for their family,” said NY State of Health Executive Director, Donna Frescatore. “Since 2013, more than 3.6 million New Yorkers have enrolled in affordable coverage through the Marketplace. As we enter our fifth open enrollment period, New York is more committed than ever to ensuring that core protections of the Affordable Care Act remain intact. Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, New York has taken many steps to ensure that New Yorkers continue to have access to quality, affordable health insurance coverage.”

    In the states that use the federal marketplace,, the federal government has setDecember 15, 2017, as the end date for open enrollment. Because New York operates its own marketplace, the state has flexibility to set its open enrollment period dates. New York is exercising this authority to meet the needs of consumers by ensuring that they have sufficient time to enroll, and adequate access to enrollment assistance from the Customer Service Center and in-person assistors. Given the volume of calls and appointments during previous open enrollment periods, a shortened Open Enrollment could result in longer consumer wait times.

    NY State of Health expects to renew coverage for more than 400,000 households and enroll new people into coverage during the Open Enrollment Period. Data show that younger individuals are more likely to enroll later in the Open Enrollment Period.

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    Details about 2018 plan options will be released in late September.

    Enrollment in the Essential Plan, Medicaid and Child Health Plus is open all year.

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  3. I will put you in my prayers and hope you feel better. Also, it is good that you are safe and only suffered minimal damage.

  4. Don’t matter what YOU GOT UP!!!! That’s life whenever you get knocked down you’ll find a way to get back up, some remember that and be blessed

  5. You need to get yourself some type of insurance bro….no exceptions to not being medically covered, especially during these times. You can utilized State mandated Medicare insurance, private health insurance, or work based health insurance. I did all three at different times and it saved my pockets big time. Right now I’m do for a root canal that was priced around 1800$ up front….but guess what? My dental insurance through my employer is covering 80% of that shit. Talk about a pocket saving blessing.

  6. J you do have someoneJesus, then the fox hole just set up an go fund me page ,so we your blog family can sow into you as much as you have sowed into us, we LOVE YOU SO MUCH,you have helped me get through this thing called gay life, I LOVE YOU because you taught me how to get on with living my best life. Start go fund me page ASAP, LOVE ALWAYS.

  7. Hope you feel better. Glad you can still get up and move around. But you need to get some kind of coverage ASAP and once it’s in full effect, go get yourself checked out. Don’t care what nobody say, your health is something you don’t play with. So go get that looked at when you can. Better safe than sorry.

  8. I feel your pain.

    Health coverage cost, specially when you have to pay other bills also.
    If your job isn’t paying you enough to cover heath coverage. you have to make a choice.
    keep a place to live or paid for health coverage and be homeless.
    it is not as easy as some of your try to make out to be.

  9. Ouch! Wow! I’ve always had a fear of slipping like that, that must have been so painful good lord. You are a trooper for getting up and still going to work. I hope you’re feeling a little better today. I don’t know how health insurance is set up in the US or your state but I hope you can get some soon. You’re right, you live alone and I think it’s necessary to be covered in case something (else) happens. Take care okay?

  10. Now I know why most tubs have a ruff surface coating, to prevent slipping. Had one in college and I need one in my house tho. Wow J, don’t be “The Fall Guy” and I’m sure you will heal in time tho and keep you in prayers

  11. Arent you in NYC. Health care is avail even for the poor folk. You need to go get you some medicaid and stop playing. I think you can apply online. If you think you make too much just lower your pay amount.

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