Who Knew Taking Out The Trash Could Be So Dangerous

*the following video is parental advisory
viewer discretion is advised.

speaking of dog mauling,
has the foxhole seen the following video?
it happened in st. paul; minnesota.

an older vixen was taking out the trash when she was mauled by a dog.
a fuckin’ police dog.
the following video is graphic af so hold on…

she is suing the fuck out of that police department.
as she should!
i’m mad that dog didn’t release once they told it too.
it took it about 4 times to obey command.
they gonna pay for her:

doctor’s bills
new crib
6 day/7 night cruise
the swimming pool in her back yard
 the beach front property for summer getaways

…oh wait.
that’s my “after lawsuit” wish list.

lowkey: why do i feel that dog letting let go because she is black?

9 thoughts on “Who Knew Taking Out The Trash Could Be So Dangerous

  1. Y’all must not know that to a policeman, their dog is like family, one of them.

    They’ll shoot you before they shoot the the dog. In fact, it is a felony for you to kill a police K-9 and will have you in jail for up to 10 years and or a hefty fine for doing so.

  2. Smdh…yeah I saw this mess…she betta own that police dept and have a wing of it named in her honor…Sharpton!…Crump!…where y’all at?!

  3. Those people did not even has a sense of urgency for that woman and one officer just stood there at first while the dog mauled away at this woman. If this had been a person biting a cop, he or she would have been shot, and that mutt should have been put down. She is already missing one hand, she does not need to lose another. I pray for this woman and hope that everything works out for her.

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