Who Knew Taking Out The Trash Could Be So Dangerous

*the following video is parental advisory
viewer discretion is advised.

speaking of dog mauling,
has the foxhole seen the following video?
it happened in st. paul; minnesota.

an older vixen was taking out the trash when she was mauled by a dog.
a fuckin’ police dog.
the following video is graphic af so hold on…
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Bite Me (and Don’t Let Go)

have you ever been bitten by a dog?
try not to.
i remember when my family dog bit me after harassing him.
my parents had to rush me to the doctor quickly after.
it was a whole mess and i became a cat person shortly after.
well i saw this video on instagram that during my disgust,
i was screaming on my couch.
the caption on “the shade room” for the video read:


A San Diego police dog aggressively bit a man while officers had him face down on the street and handcuffed. In the footage, you can see one officer attempting to pull the animal off and two others holding down the man’s leg. In this clip, the cop doesn’t appear utter a single command word to stop the attack.

check this out…

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