Bite Me (and Don’t Let Go)

have you ever been bitten by a dog?
try not to.
i remember when my family dog bit me after harassing him.
my parents had to rush me to the doctor quickly after.
it was a whole mess and i became a cat person shortly after.
well i saw this video on instagram that during my disgust,
i was screaming on my couch.
the caption on “the shade room” for the video read:


A San Diego police dog aggressively bit a man while officers had him face down on the street and handcuffed. In the footage, you can see one officer attempting to pull the animal off and two others holding down the man’s leg. In this clip, the cop doesn’t appear utter a single command word to stop the attack.

check this out…

i mean,
my first question is:

What did he do?

until we get details,
i won’t call this a “blm” issue as of yet.
the police dog is supposed to attack on command,
but that officer is super chill on getting it to let go.
i’m surprised he didn’t go into shock.
i’m currently there.

9 thoughts on “Bite Me (and Don’t Let Go)

  1. Whats so crazy and fucked up is. These dogs are trained to be that aggressive and even their handlers cant handle them!

  2. The dogs are even being trained to attack certain races of people. It is absolutely disgusting. When does it stop?

  3. I am so terrified of big dogs I would have cried like a baby. Side bar though dude got a fat ass I would’ve bit that and not let go had I been that dog hahaha

  4. Those dogs are well trained.I watched a special on them awhile back.They will stop biting when given a VERBAL command so him pulling on him was pointless.The dogs who don’t follow verbal commands are not allowed to be police dogs according to the special I watched.

  5. My mind is absolutely blown. How the man stayed calm initially while being bitten ill never understand. And how the officer thought pulling on the dog was the correct procedure in the second place baffles me. I’m disgusted.

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