DeRay Mckesson Is Too Woke

if i was deray mckesson with this scandal,
i’d be embarrassed.
so he thought the “planet of the apes” movie was mocking blacks.
the blue vest!
one of the apes in the movie also wears one as well.
since he wears a signature blue vest,
including in the summer,
he thought it was a diss to him as a proud black activist.
this is what he tweeted

well the internet had to drag the “out of touch” out of him.
it even got the attention of whoopi goldberg on “the view”:

he definitely needed that.
so he deleted those tweets and posted this:


ya know,
i’ve been hearing rumblings through the forest about deray.
not good things at all.
the fact he didn’t research that was really telling.
a simple google search would have helped him.
he should have issued a full apology too.
he looked like a doofus.


26 thoughts on “DeRay Mckesson Is Too Woke

  1. #thelibraryisopen#


    DeRay Mckesson, get ready for a revolutionary read!

    DeRay Mckesson, how dare you criticize a movie that has absolutely nothing to do with you! In fact, didn’t you get checked by Whoopi Goldberg on her show not to long ago? If so, then STFU and eat the damn food boy! Also, you already being sued by an injured Baton Rouge Police Officer after what happened last year around this time when Alton Sterling got shot and killed by an officer in the same city. I mean c’mon DeRay, get it together spacecase! Don’t you have YOUR house to clean? I mean Baltimore is already effed up and you want to leave it just to fight the cause? Oh no wait, AIN’T NOBODY EFFING WITH YOU IN BODYMORE, MURDALAND! *in my Remy Ma voice* ARE YOU DUMB? PINEAPPLE MIND YOUR OWN MFING BUSINESS! My pineapple, do me a favor and have several seats all the way down over there in the “blind, deaf, delusional, and dumb” section of real life so you can see the real life doctor of common sense!



  2. FYI, I work within my community for a living and have been for my entire career!

    I don’t need any warm body to “represent my interests” and it certainly wouldn’t be Deray, Al Sharpton, or any other individual that profits from black trauma.

    All that shit is for the lazy that are booked and/or unbothered until it’s time to protest 1-3 times a year when an officer shoots one of us.

    You make Deray above reproach because you don’t do shit. Don’t know shit about how he makes his living or who’s influencing him but he can’t be criticized lol

    Where y’all at when it’s time to vote in local elections?

    Who’s signing up for mentoring programs?

    Who’s volunteering?

    1. @jay. you hit the nail dead on the head.
      I wish people would stop saying somebody is woke. because half of the stuff some of these so call woke people are saying are the same stuff my mom told me when I was growing up.
      its call common sense.

    2. I’ve never said Deray was above reproach. He was wrong on this particular issue, likely encouraged by Hollywood executives who were only looking to limit their liability.

      My point is, being wrong on one issue doesn’t mean he’s wrong on all issues and regardless how you feel about Al Sharpton, Deray and whomever else, representation matters.

      Yes, you’re voting. Do you know how ma y people aren’t? Do you know how many people turned out to vote because of Diddy’s “Rock the Vote” campaign or Obama’s run for presidency?

      The point is: representation matters. Having a voice in the public sphere matters. And I’m not going to tear down a fellow black activist who has, and continues, to push the narrative for people of color.

      Remember, Booker T. Washington and Fredrick Douglass held two completely different perspective on black issues, profited from representing their communities and were called black activists.

      Today, we revere them for the sacrifices they made to bring our issues to the national forefront.

      Stop criticizing and start helping. That goes for everyone.

      1. Obviously he is above reproach because I said nothing in reference to him personally like many others have regarding his sexuality or who he’s fucking.

        I questioned his sincerity to activism which is his profession isn’t it?

        But no, I’m supposed to shut up because a few commenters on here that don’t even know my first name assume I’m doing nothing.

        We call that dickriding where I’m from and I’m not doing it.

        He can get checked and that’s not the same as one tearing him down like the MANY people that won’t follow him simply because he’s homosexual.

  3. How many of you all who have commented are out here doing anything even remotely as positive, constructive and daring as Deray to bring attention to our issues? 🤔

    Sit down and stop aiding the majority in dismantling men AND women working within our interests. You all so damn suspicious of what Deray is or isn’t doing? Join the cause and add something constructive to the conversation.

    God, I hate crabs in a barrel.

  4. You guys believe whatever the white media tells you, huh? Sorry Jamari but you’re off the mark about this just like you were about the Harambre bullshit. Planet of the apes is very much an allegory about blacks uprising against the system. The original director of the late 60’s film even said so. Research that…and stop reciting the white media’s taking points. Deray may be an idiot but Whoopi is a c00n and so are most of the posters on this post.

    1. @Jet, you need to have several seats calling everyone on this post coon because you really don’t know what or who a coon is! You have let the internet dictate to you what words mean and therefore, have failed the English class. Go back to English 101 hon!

  5. He’s an opportunist. Plain and simple. I wouldn’t be surprised if he establishes a church next. Gimme a break. Although we CAN make everything a race issue. Everything isn’t. What a moron.

  6. Granted anti-blackness is very much prevalent in all forms of media, this I feel was a blatantly reach. C’mon, watch the movie in theaters, at least, before jumping to these kinds of counterproductive, factually shallow conclusions… #hangupthevestDeRay

  7. We as a people should understand that no one is perfect We strive towards perfection but will never achieve it This is the second unflattering mention that you have posted about Deray The other was in connection with his personal dating companions While he is a public figure and being critiqued goes with the territory The good that he has done should be applauded as well He could date a bear for all I care He has attempted to make a difference and if his dating outisde his race and making a faux pas about a movie is his worst crime then so be it

    It was around this time a few years agao that I watched as he was being harrased by the police in Louisiana and eventually arrested for participating in a protest about the police killing of Alton Stewart

    Dera has participated along with others in creating Campaign Zero concrete steps that could help eliviate police violence against people of color and the mentally ill:

    I believe that every bit helps in the struggle I am not fans of Al Sharpton or Louis Farrakhan but I do acknowledge their worth and the change they are trying to bring about MLK was not perfect and neither is Deray Meanwhile after all this nick picking is done remember who is in the WHite House now

    1. P.S. Why do the majority of our race who do date our own race and live from blow job to blow job party to party (so to speak) get a passs for not doing anything to better our lot?

    2. I’m over leaders in general. Sorry not sorry.

      We as a people are always looking to these black men that talk a good game and we overlook the consistencies in their character.

      I’m not saying people have to be perfect, but we as a people sometimes overlook things with black men we would never overlook with black women.

      I just find that women of the civil rights movement are often pushed aside when they were really about that life.

      Fannie Lou Hamer
      Ida B. Wells
      Shirley Chisholm
      Barbara Jordan

      Hell, even Maxine Waters is more outspoken now than any black man I’ve seen in that position.

      The real change starts with US and how we interact and treat each other in the workplace and in spaces where we are the minority and majority.

      I’m done idolizing MLK, Barack is not going to save us, and these pseudo leaders these days are being compensated in some way whether we want to admit or not.

      1. Hmmm. “The real change starts with US and how we interact and treat each other..” yet here we are commenting on a post adding to the tearing down of one of “US”.

        Derray making this type of accusation about such a HUGE phenomenon without first doing some research was dumb. Yes. But Whoopi’s very D’jango’s Stephen-esq attack on him was probably better suited for a face to face conversation and not national tv.

        There’s a such thing as “Family Business” and as dumb as some of the things we do may be, we as a people “treating each other” in a better way should learn how to educate and scold in private instead of humiliating and discrediting one another.

        Further, Whoopi has a long history of glazing over and “not seeing” mainstream media’s lack of respect towards black images and culture i.e. Her giving Kendall Jenner and Pepsi a pass for that commercial. It’s a shame how she’s used (or not used) her platform.

        Lastly if you’re “over” our leaders, maybe you should step up and be the change you’d like to see.

  8. I appreciate the work he does for BLM but something about him rubs me the wrong way I can’t put my finger on it.

      1. He’s using the plight of the black community and the murders of black men and women as a come up for some type of fame and notierity. To what end? I don’t know. There are mad vids and ppl calling him out on setting up his own arrest wjen he was in Ferguson.

    1. What Fashionandsvedka said. lol And then he’ll pull a Jesse and start fucking some white bitch.

  9. This is why people need to be educated about a subject before they speak. they have been doing Planet of the Ape movies since 1970s. GIVE ME A BREAK. UUGGHH

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