“Black Panther” Just Made Me Pray To God

i just can’t…
so the cast of the “black panther” did a shoot for “entertainment weekly”.
they released a number of photos from their “comic con” preview issue.
Father God…

…i pray by the time this movie has it’s presale,
i will already have a GOOD job.
i pray i will go to this movie looking AMAZING.
i also ask that i attend with a date.
please Lawd,
bring me a sexy date to sit next to me and eat his popcorn.
i ask all these things,
in your son’s name…


i’m so excited for this movie ya’ll.
that issue of “entertainment weekly” hits stands on friday.


photo cc: matt kennedy/©marvel studios 2018

12 thoughts on ““Black Panther” Just Made Me Pray To God

  1. Jamari if you really serious about that then you need to start setting alerts on your phone for black panther news and start researching movie apps/outlets that will send you info about new releases. My brother is od hype about movies and he sets his stuff to get updates and info for new releases all then time (all free of course). He got us tickets to see the new spiderman movie for the day before they advertised it to come out. So get on your theater research and put some $$$ away now cause these months is moving quick and we already halfway through 2017.

  2. I’m looking forward to this film. I expect to see positive black images galore. And, of course, I expect an exceptional film.

  3. @Jamari This film is gonna be dope. It should be after the long hours and nights we spent on set in Atlanta with the city having to shut down the next day because of snow. Everybody was freezing. I actually met The Black Panther he’s really down to earth. I have a scene with him in another film. i think ryan coogler help michael b jordan get on I actually met him on set to. He is the director of the film. Marvel has been really stepping its game up lately. Spiderman Homecoming another film I’m in has a lot of diversity as well its pretty dope as well. Had I known you liked this film we could have tried to help you get on. Sony has a special project in th making called “Venom” from Spiderman. Be on the look out we filming in Atlanta and New York. They can pay really well.

  4. This looks amazing I can’t wait to see it. ^__^ it’s going to be a gorgeous ride.

  5. I’m soooooo freaking excited about this display of black power, black royalty, and black excellence! 🔥

  6. I still don’t buy Michael B. Jordan as an actor *shrugs*

    Idris Elba probably would’ve been a better choice for his character.

  7. I keep wondering if they’re going to make Lupita’s character a villain like her character is in the comics.

    You’re not even going to be able to get into the theatre when this premieres lol

    1. I was hoping so since I could’t just see Lupita signing on to play a small role.

  8. It looks so great, queen Angela looking so regal as always and my fave luptia is killing it too.

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