“She Wasn’t Mauled By Her Pitbulls! It Was A Yeti That Killed Her!”


…cause ain’t no way she died by a alleged human.
sometimes when someone close to us dies,

we are in complete shock over it.
i know when my parents died,
i wanted to sue the hospital for neglect.
i was filled with grief and wanted this imaginary justice.
this on-going story might be different.
so you know how that snow bunny was mauled by her pits in the last entry?
her friend claims it may have been foul play.
a foxholer sent me what she told “the daily mail”

The distraught friends of the 22-year-old woman who was mauled to death by her pit bulls while out on a walk in the woods claim that the dogs would never hurt their owner and believe foul play was involved in her death.

Bethany Lynn Stephens, 22, was found dead in a ‘grisly’ scene on Thursday night, two days after she was last seen heading out to walk her dogs in the woods near her Goochland, Virginia home. 

Authorities said she was found by her father, John, who was searching for her in an area where she was known to take the dogs out for walks. 

Stephens’ friend, Barbara Norris, told NBC12  that she didn’t believe the dogs would kill Stephens and that they slept in her bed at night.  

‘Those dogs would not attack her,’ she said. ‘They’d kill you with kisses.’ 

Norris said that the dogs’ kennels appeared to have been broken open, as if the dogs had escaped to help Stephens

But the dogs — described as being ‘very large, brindle-colored pit bull dogs’ — were said to be aggressively guarding her body when Stephens’ father came across them, according to Goochland County Sheriff James L. Agnew, the Richmond-Times Dispatch reported.

“they’d kill you with their kisses”.
those musta be some rough ass kisses starting with her neck and up.
so if this was foul play,
another human tore through the victim?
better yet,
a bear?
maybe even big foot?
all signs point to “pitbulls gon’ wild” on this end.
i could be wrong because stranger shit has happened.
if the victim was attacked by someone else

Wouldn’t the pitbulls have killed the attacker?

…or did the dogs say “fuck that”?
if they did,
they was some real “ain’t shit” pits if they let their owner die like that.
the friend will realize what it was soon.
she is probably still in shock and disbelief,
but her friend probably did die by the jaws of her pits.

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on ““She Wasn’t Mauled By Her Pitbulls! It Was A Yeti That Killed Her!””

  1. Smdh…right…I guess they’re tryina insinuate their kennel/cage was broken cause they escapede when they sensed she was in danger…hhhmmm, okay…so she went out in the woods by herself?…is she known to have done that? I thought she was known to go out there to take a stroll with her killer canines…*shrugs*

  2. What you’ve got to understand about ppl now is that they loooove them some animals and will defend them to the very end. Many will blatantly tell you how they prefer animals to ppl and some will straight up be like f*** human babies and children, they only care about if an animal is ok. So I’m not surprised by this at all. They will vehemently deny that the animals had a part in any wrongdoing. I’m expecting a petition in the next few days to keep them from being put down.

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