“Bloat, Stretch, Shake” The Drake and Mase Remix

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.55.50 PMdrake and pastor mase meet up at the ovo festival in toronto over the weekend.
they are talkin about collaborating on something.
“why?” i ask.
anyway drake looks good.
mase should never wear stripes,
the color red,
or anything that draws attention to that situation called his stomach.

taken: vibe vixen

8 thoughts on ““Bloat, Stretch, Shake” The Drake and Mase Remix

  1. And Jesus wept at this outfit Mase, that looks like one of my Aunt Wanda bible study blouses, all that’s missing is her short bob wig, that she throws on Wednesday night when she don’t feel like curling her hair, and I would think they are twins. Maybe he is the new spokes model for the Tina Knowles Unisex collection at Walmart. Mase please fall to your knees and ask the Lawd to forgive you for your sins of Gluttony and Bad Taste, and extra prayer to lower your cholesterol couldn’t hurt. Just all types of wrong.

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