On The Floor Seriously (A Quickie)

386fe07c2c7c940303de0436d5da3560i just saw this on someone’s pinterest just now.
i had to post it because i was on the floor.
so real life for me lol
i wish they would direct me to the breakthrough i been lookin for tho.
i don’t need the face palm when i’m fuckin up.
just sayin…

At Least Ask Me How My Day Was Before You Try To Stick It In Me.

the gays on tumblr are starting to pick this up.
late night thoughts?

“Bloat, Stretch, Shake” The Drake and Mase Remix

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.55.50 PMdrake and pastor mase meet up at the ovo festival in toronto over the weekend.
they are talkin about collaborating on something.
“why?” i ask.
anyway drake looks good.
mase should never wear stripes,
the color red,
or anything that draws attention to that situation called his stomach.

taken: vibe vixen

Back In The Closet

man-closet-home-deco-clean-wood-dark-590ch021011i stood in front of my closet,
face scrunched up,
asking myself:


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Shaunie O’Neal’s Son Calls Her Man The “F” Word Heard Round the MTO.

beware this story is from mto.
i’m sure there is a perfectly good explanation

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Who Would Wrestle Serge Ibaka’s Wild African Congo Snake?


keri hilson got a good one.
i think this was the only win in her entire career.
she managed to bag serge ibaka.


i must have been off my game lol
he is one juicy piece of baller nba wolf meat

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