On The Floor Seriously (A Quickie)

386fe07c2c7c940303de0436d5da3560i just saw this on someone’s pinterest just now.
i had to post it because i was on the floor.
so real life for me lol
i wish they would direct me to the breakthrough i been lookin for tho.
i don’t need the face palm when i’m fuckin up.
just sayin…

“Bloat, Stretch, Shake” The Drake and Mase Remix

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.55.50 PMdrake and pastor mase meet up at the ovo festival in toronto over the weekend.
they are talkin about collaborating on something.
“why?” i ask.
anyway drake looks good.
mase should never wear stripes,
the color red,
or anything that draws attention to that situation called his stomach.

taken: vibe vixen