At Least Ask Me How My Day Was Before You Try To Stick It In Me.

the gays on tumblr are starting to pick this up.
late night thoughts?

15 thoughts on “At Least Ask Me How My Day Was Before You Try To Stick It In Me.

  1. I don’t think MEN in general know how to court. This really isn’t a gay issue. Ask your closest female friend how men approach her, and you’ll get VERY similar stories to what you’ve experienced. People are getting more and more socially awkward as social media takes over. People don’t know how to approach, communicate (tone, etc), or engage conversation in real life. Not to mention the anonymity of the internet gives people courage to say things they generally wouldn’t say in real life.

    Also, that tumblr post is all kinds of ignorant. He’s basically saying assimilate to what EYE deem acceptable because being who you are makes me uncomfortable (How arrogant). I’m not against him asking ppl to respect him when they send him messages, but to demand that everyone “act the same” is stupid.

    If you post a SEXUALLY suggestive photo on a public forum on the World Wide Web, then you really have no right to get angry at the sexually charged responses it garners. Whether it’s from a female or male.

    People are different. If they want to celebrate that difference that’s their prerogative. If said celebration is a problem or a threat to you, then you might need to evaluate a few things.

  2. I have to agree with him. Some gay men can be very annoying and stalker-ish. I don’t mess or talk to guys who are straight and the pretend straights because I have too much valuable time to be wasting it. People don’t realize there is a fine line between the gays and straights that shouldn’t be cross, it okay to look and it fine to have friend on the other side as long you don’t involve love and desperation.
    Now I have to disagree with him too because str8 men can be pain in the ass. “Look” I tell them “I’m gay, but just because I happen to like the same gender as me doesn’t mean I don’t have a type, so get over yourself.” At first they are cool and whatever, but for some reason they touch my ass and wanting to dance with me. Then there these sexual games, so it not always the gay men that bug str8 men, it the str8 men that bug gay men too.

  3. Straight men are some of the thirstiest bunch of wolfs out there online, basically treating facebook like an all you could eat NSA pussy buffet , so why would you think gay men won’t do the same the unfortunate issue is you are the meat this time around.

    If you do not want gay men hitting you up, well simple he himself needs to stop emulating/exuding gay bait. So lets break down the fallacy in the above rant.

    “Gay people bug straight men” as before online dating and phone text chat forums the only way to get a gay man was to read the sign, yes everyone had that uncle that was a little sweet that mommy always told you he gay based on his mannerism but to get some good dick you use to have to go on a sixth sense well that has evolved or devolve when you look at it. The new straight man is the the type to NOT be on tumble or what ever the hell you all call it. So automatically gays think if he on here he gotta be gay or wanting admiration. So fine they tend to use a “scatter shot” method to get your attention but that’s a failing on the gay community all together our fuck first try to build a relationship after concept. Also DL men usually only want sex, so these men are catering to the image you are currently promoting.

    “I don’t put my straight ways on you”- At birth society force those straight ways on kids, that lead too screwed up gays, with repressed sexual identities. An the ones that break free tend to take a very expressive stance. Hence they walk different, talk different and change their manner of dress to compensate the fact that they have revolted against the system of being straight. If you were not a little different growing up then shut the hell up. i was skinny and had a nasal sounding voice and trust me i did not know what gay was but i was soon reminded every day that some thing was different about me and due those two factors i had no control over as a child that in the future those things meant i was gay, i was not gay yet but i had to work on those cause men arn’t like that.

    Gay pride is suppose to be like an black history month equivalent, the problem to me is in the execution but it is reflective of were gays are at psychologically.

    Some so identified straight men dislike gay men because they themselves think they might be gay/bi hence need to exhibit a total repulsion to it. Like doing the rants like the one above, A straight would never go on a rant as above based on the fact he would never want females becoming aware that gay men are constantly hitting him up cause vixen have begun to believe in a gay mans gaydar.

    To me gay men are always men when it comes to sex they are straight too it. Gays don’t bullshit when a mean dicking or booty is involved. The statements on being the same are just plan stupid, society currently prides its self on a false sense of individuality, and i am quite sure alot of the fashion sense, gym etiquette, online pics such as posing shirtless have origin in the gay sub culture. I mean right now the manly thing to do is hang your pants below your ass cheeks a fad picked up from horny prisoners who use to have sexual liaison with one another.

    So can you really blame gay men for being confuse………strike me from looking at your pic you have a DL wolf problem you have that frat boy mix bred look all those thugs into. So the foxes hitting you up they need to hit jamari meat market and get to the stalking of some real men……always remember tricks are for kids.

    1. Some of you all don’t know how to get guys. That’s where I think that thirsty shit comes from. A friend my mine asked me about my sexuality after having my number for only two days, and I lied and told him I was straight. He just send me the message, it was very complex and strange. There was no hey, wassup or nothing, that was how the convo started. I felt disrespected. It was as if he just wanted to know if I was gay or not. We are good friends now, but I need to let him know that that wasn’t right. He’s lucky he did that to me and not someone else because a straight dude would have cussed him out or some shit. Y’all need to know how to talk to people and start a convo. What about how am I doing? What am I doing? How has my day been? When I talk to dudes who are straight or at least who I think are straight, I never ask personal shit unless I feel like we have that type of relationship.

      1. Couldn’t agree with you more, man. A gay co worker asked me that only after 13 hours of knowing me. That’s why a lot of gays can’t have straight friends now; because if they did they’d want to screm them. A guy can’t be confident in his sexuality without a gay man trying to clock him for being respectful, as well friendly.

      2. 13 hours? DAMN. It’s like niggas can’t wait a while to find out, it makes no sense. What happened to giving men eye contact and carrying on a convo to get answers? I know what it is, y’all wanna meet, greet, and fuck all the time.

        It’s ok to throw your fishing line out and try to bait dudes, I do it, but no sexual shit or any personal questions. You have to start off slow. I get baited it all the time myself, the right way tho. Niggas bumping me when I don’t see them just to say what’s up and to ask me how I’m doing when I don’t even talk to them that much, now that’s what’s cute. Men don’t behave that way towards other men if they are straight, so that is proof you don’t have to violate someone to get their attention. A while back I talked about how one of roommates complemented me on my smile while sitting next to me on my bed. No one was in the apartment but us, I knew what the deal was. That was a bit much, but that was very direct and not enough for me to be offended and spaz out on him.See what I mean? You can compliment a dude without coming off as thirsty and offensive. It’s takes time to find out if a man is open to sleeping with another man without eye contact and other hints. You can’t jump the gun all the time. You have to hook them on your line and slowly wheel them in other ways without be offensive. If you genuinely try and get to know these men you might come to find out they are good men and worth much more then sex.

  4. I agree with a little bit of what he said.Just a tiny bit though because most of what he said sounds like something a racist white person would say/probably has said, to/about a black person.I like that this message wasn’t laced with the word faggot one after the other.This dude actually seems pretty tame.I think he got a little fed up with the way gay dudes were coming at him.The last sentence kind of hints at that at least.

      1. bloggers have waaaay to much time on their hands to do all this trolling do you even get paid for this?

        1. wait a minute.
          i know who you are.
          you are the spanish…
          wait i’m sorry..
          hispanic guy who was insulted by that last entry.
          you thought i was being messy.
          you’re still in your feelings i’m sure.
          you obviously are new to this side of town.
          welcome to my world.
          i’m glad to have you.
          your last comment was actually really intelligent.
          i was very impressed.
          you should use your brain more often on here.
          its actually attractive.

    1. Yea he is ignorant, but he’s not gay so he wouldn’t know much about us and our life.

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