their sex games caused him to get into a shootout with the police

it’s so interesting to see where attentionistos went over the years.
some are still pushing on; others got themselves canceled.
i remember ^he use to be as big as a mountain.
back when tumblr was “the shit”,
he and his wife use to make porn videos together.
she went by “@crystinathebootyqueen“.
i remember in one video,
he was smashing her while pregnant.
here is an nsfw picture for review:

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was her ass real?
he must have been taking steroids.
it’s like he deflated.
he was involved in a bizarre shootout with the hunters back in february:

a foxholer sent me the reason for it today via “the daily mail“…
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just a friendly reminder ( 1 1/2 more days left)

december 15th.
one 1/2 more days until the deadline.
for those who need a refresher

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where the wild things are gonna be (tumblr)

so tumblr has slowly started it’s much-dreaded clean up.
all adult blogs are getting scrubbed thoroughly with bleach and ammonia.
even though there is an outcry for protest,
i feel it will all fall on deaf ears.
so what’s next?
it seems an artist,
by the name of “banana gayllery”,
drew exactly what’s probably gonna be the next stop.
this is what a foxholer sent me…
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they gonna clean up tumblr like they did to times square

i always believed if something ain’t broke,
it’s best to not try to fix it,
but you can find ways to make it better.
tumblr is,
or should i font “was”,
a place where folks could go to express themselves.

whether it was the artsy or creatives,
even the baiters,
it was a place where you could be yourself.
tumblr has launched some careers too.
this one and his sausage got a full career launch:

it had no rules when it came to pornographic content.
well they decided to ruin many lives today.
in two weeks,
they will remove all adult content from their site.
they claim they want to be a better and more positive community.
this is some of the statement that they posted…

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lamote displays his real naked truth (are we gonna feelin’ it tho?)

i hate when “the fantasy wolf” makes my lust goes to 20%.
don’t you hate that?
when you think someone is sexy af,
but they do/say/touch something and you’re like:

me too.
so i put up ^that picture of lamonte on my ig.
he ‘s one half of the “sip ‘n’ paint” naked twosome for “exotic panting”.

he’s also a amateur sexin’ icon from pornhub and tumblr.
well a foxholer sent me a post that “the luckey star” put up recently.
i think my desire is going on strike
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dak prescott gets some “dak” leakage?

it must be raining dicks this sunday.
they say nudes come in 3s so let’s hope for one more.

so i had a little thing for baller wolf of the dallas cowboys,
dak prescott.
it was moreso his face than anything else.
i love a handsome face.
well dak allegedly got his “dak” leaked today.
the foxholers are on a roll today.
  “adls” on tumblr had the alleged goods…
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