dak prescott gets some “dak” leakage?

it must be raining dicks this sunday.
they say nudes come in 3s so let’s hope for one more.

so i had a little thing for baller wolf of the dallas cowboys,
dak prescott.
it was moreso his face than anything else.
i love a handsome face.
well dak allegedly got his “dak” leaked today.
the foxholers are on a roll today.
  “adls” on tumblr had the alleged goods…


if that is him,
i see he did “the under shot”.

that makes objects appear larger than they really are.
that is a cutie like the last pipe leakage that leaked today.
i mean i’m not really a dick demon like others,
but it’s pretty cute.
you gotta have a good stroke with those types tho.
the mouth gotta be a1 too.
let’s hope dak gives good “dak”.
allegedly fonting,
that is.

lowkey: this part tho…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “dak prescott gets some “dak” leakage?”

  1. Aaawww…well, um…….maybe it curves downward and has a high arch so from our vantage point it looks a bit truncated……………..no?…ok, I tried :(…

    Well whatevs, I’ve been waitin’ for the leaked back shots sans the sweaty nylon/spandex for a min!…where dem at?

  2. If that is him, when are these people ever going to learn? Don’t send dick or naked pics of yourself. What if it were someone who was underage? Remember Congressman Weiner? Dumbass.

  3. Twas taken down.

    Have you sent any nudes? I did in highschool/early college but only to guys ego were on the other side of the country or world. Never with a face.

    I didn’t want anyone being spiteful.

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