i’m gonna think you’re gay if you hold a banana

it’s hard to be a straight black wolf.
even a gay one.

anything you do can have your masculinity questioned.
from the clothes you wear,
the music you like,
and even the food you eat.
a foxholer just sent this snippet from wiz khalifa on “the breakfast club”.
even tho we have to question his decision making,
this is what he had to imply about eating bananas…

“don’t crack those crab legs like that!
you gotta break it in two with your bare hands.”

“don’t you DARE eat that steak with a knife and fork!”

“now you know a real pineapple don’t eat no pineapples.”

“you know lickin that ice cream cone look like you slobbering on two balls,

it’s too much.
that type of shit is what creates insecurities with males.

“omg i ate the banana like this.
they’re gonna think i’m gay!”

as long as the banana isn’t being eaten like this:

…i think you’ll be good.
i’ll continue to hold and eat my bananas,
but thank you.
i keep saying some straight black males can be the “white supremacist males” of our community.
some gay males are the “white supremacist males” of the gay community,
we all need to come together and stand in solidarity tho.
we need to fight for our black wolves…
when they imply holding a banana is gay.
it can real quite confusing.

lowkey: some black vixens do the same too.
their yards ain’t always clean.

6 thoughts on “i’m gonna think you’re gay if you hold a banana

  1. Beyond stupid, pineapples be out here with rainbow dreads, questioning piercings, and the tightest of pants, but will scram gay on another man doing the smallest things.

  2. Didn’t he recently paint his nails? Doesn’t his son love Taylor swift?

    Im confused like its a banana? I guess that’s that toxic masculinity for you.

  3. If this ninja think a banana make him look gay… what do those short tresses make him look like?…. bye Whoopi.

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