i can kinda see why faith evans would marry stevie j

who woulda thunk?
faith evans might be having some kind of crisis.
it’s either that,
or she is trying to be an attentionista like the rest.
so she tied the knot with a random stevie j.
i guess for their honey moon,
they both decided record and release some random music.
this is a snippet of the video for their upcoming single,
a minute“…

um ok.
no lie tho,
stevie j looks like he will fuck your brains out


…and fuck your entire life up.
he is a scorpio and on the highest level of “fuck boi”.
they’re usually skilled in “dick to hole” combat.
even tho this random marriage is kinda a shocker,
they have known each other for years.
folks forget,
or don’t know,
that stevie was part of “the hitmen” with “bad boy” in the 90s.
he was responsible for so many hits back then.
he was fine af too.
he worked on “i’ll be missing you”,
with diddy on “no way out”,
on which faith was featured.
i can see how they’d be connected.
i’m sure she rode that dick back in the day.
faith has some bodies to her.

i guess they found it smart to get married in 2018.
something about it smells like “fwb turned marriage” tho.
i don’t know where this is gonna go,
but i’m sure it’s going to be ratchet and entertaining.

lowkey: listen…
stevie j is my ratchet fantasy.
i would let him smash on the low with about 20 condoms on.

i’ve lusted after him since his pic in a “vibe” magazine as a cub.
he was one of my “i knew i liked males” pioneers.

13 thoughts on “i can kinda see why faith evans would marry stevie j

  1. I see the foxhole is on the same wave length with Stevie, lol

    Physically – Yes

    Personality = HELL NO

    It’s truthfully the fuckboi formula

  2. Wait, Hold Up, Faith really married Stevie J. Pick self off the floor. Damn I am late in Black Entertainment News. Damn Faye on that Narcotic again? What in the Biggie Smalls Hell is going on. We are living in the last days for sure. I just cant right now.

    But can I be a little ratchet, that damn Stevie J is the truth, always thought this pineapple was SEXY AF. He is one of those Fukk Boys for sure, but you know he is going to make you smile and give you the best sex of your life, but probably steal your food stamp card the next day, pissing you off, but all will be forgiven when you see him again after a couple of months. When your mind tells you Hell No, but your body says Hell Yes!

    Im gone save my wedding gift- toaster for this union because it will be over before Labor Day. But enjoy that good pipe Faye. Hell it was probably the pipe that brought yall together and not the one between his legs, but I aint one to gossip.

  3. Honestly Stevie j looks like he has good dick like really good dick and like he’s a freak so I could see why she would. Lol

  4. Hell, Ive been lusting after Steebie for a while. Friend just got woke to Stevie just like you @jamari…lol

  5. Jamari,

    I totally agree with you on Stevie J. With a force field of protection he could get it….lol

    1. Nah, Imma be a nasty hoe. Get him tested and then let him shoot up the club. lol

    1. ^right!!!

      the one i saw it was all “the hitmen”,
      but he was in a picture with no shirt on.
      the way he was looking at my camera and his pecs…
      i never forgot about him from that day on lol

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