ciara on the “level up” in this chess game called “career”

ciara has had an interesting career to me.
sidebar: can i tell you how obsessed i was with “goodies”?
the first time i heard it was in the club i was obsessed.
i liked how she “sung talked” through the track and that beat

she introduced the world to “crunk n b”.
i bought that album on the first day.
when “promise” came out,
“the evolution of ciara” was another first day purchase.
after that,
everything was absolute terror.
she started hanging with the kkk,
the next few albums were a shit ton of misses,
became the laughing stock in a twitter beef with rihanna,
and i’m still confused over her seeing a “future” with future.
she fell off super heavy and i thought it was over for her.
well after becoming #relationshipgoals with baller wolf,
russell wilson,
her career was put on a low heat again.
she just released a song called “level up” and this is the video

i actually really like it.
the lyrics are inspiring and she is dancing her tail off.
it’s a smart decision to put out a song like this.

a) the world wants to hear “get to the next level” shit,
whether crunk or not

b) the world wants to know her secrets in marrying russell

it’s a super generic song that works.
that hook is catchy and it has a “twerk” feel to it.
even mo’nique out here twerkin’ to it:

if promoted right,
it can be a late “song of the summer” tracks.
if she would have released this song,
without the #relationshipgoals,
i doubt anyone would be interested.
you know that’s all facts.
she got humbled,
took it to the background,
did some soul searching,
and ended up with a great baller wolf.
she has something to work with that creates interest in her life.
so this is why we want to see ciara win.
in my opinion:

level up = picking your chess moves wisely

when your leader approves:

ciara has officially leveled up.

lowkey: she should come out with an album of:

“lemme teach you how to do this “#relationshipgoals ya’ll”
“from trash to treasure: the art of the glo up”
“i’m happy and i know it so i’m gonna twerk my tail”

… i can see success.

9 thoughts on “ciara on the “level up” in this chess game called “career”

  1. So, how can she be the next Janet when the verse melody is straight up a Janet song?!

  2. i think her last few albums were slept on. Definitely had some slow jam cuts and catchy tunes on both her self titled album, Basic Instinct and Fantasy Ride. this music industry has become so saturated and it’s like if you’re a black female artist that sings Pop or R&B and you’re not Rihanna or Beyonce it’s like folks feel you’re not supposed to have a career. Or you have to be damn near nude to sell albums. I feel Ciara didn’t go as far because she didn’t compromise herself and follow that route. Besides the few sexy videos here and there Cici doesn’t over expose her body and etc. i love the song it’s fun, gets you moving and its a great song for kids to dance too. no sexual innuendos. kudos to the Wilsons though they, the Obamas and the Carters are relationship goals to look up to

  3. Her saying yummy sauce in your tummy was strange. Shouldn’t a guy say that about his “protein shake”?

    Her best music is unreleased. Her voice got a little better, but she needs to have a vocal defining song to show she isn’t just a pretty dancer.

    Nobody performs J Lo songs at auditions. So…step it up or else she should just do choreo on YouTube.

  4. I think what helped is that she leveled up a married a real man. Not a hood rapper not a “baller wolf” but Russell carries himself like a man who loves his family. He wasn’t out flashing money, cars and hoes. He made her mystique seem more like royalty. She would’ve never had that with Shad or Future

  5. Hmmmmm…lmao…..I am not impressed with the visual nor the song. Ciara got the pop star “look” but has yet to deliver a classic ALBUM or tour but yet people seem to be liking THIS song if you believe the internet…and “bucking and twerking” will never rate as actual choreography for me. Its cute for southern majorettes or j-setters, but…i guess its that “relatable” thing. I am still waiting for Ciara’s musical output to be as hot as her image.

    1. ^i think it’s a simple catchy song.
      something to play in the club or a bbq.
      i don’t think it’s meant to be classic.

      i do agree she needs a classic album tho.
      an iconic album.

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