am i the type that likes to be surprised with flowers? (i might?)

i’m a lowkey romantic at heart.
don’t tell everyone or make a gay parade out of it.
i try to keep it on the low.
i’ll be honest

I’d fall out if my manz surprised me with flowers

that probably sounded gay af but whatever.
i don’t demand flowers but if i got them,
that would make me really happy.
i really like how russell wilson surprised ciara with flowers on his ig…

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fuck the attentionistos; marry the russell wilson

quiet as kept,
i find males like russell wilson to be hot af.
one of my fantasies is to fall in love with someone like him.
you know those types.
the ones that people think wouldn’t be into you,
or you being into them,
but little do they know that it ain’t even like that.
everyone thought russell was the cornball who’d end up with a snow vixen.
i’m sure we thought ciara would end up with another thug.
where we all wrong.
i like a hot geek.
one who has a hot bawdy and will keep you tight

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ciara on the “level up” in this chess game called “career”

ciara has had an interesting career to me.
sidebar: can i tell you how obsessed i was with “goodies”?
the first time i heard it was in the club i was obsessed.
i liked how she “sung talked” through the track and that beat

she introduced the world to “crunk n b”.
i bought that album on the first day.
when “promise” came out,
“the evolution of ciara” was another first day purchase.
after that,
everything was absolute terror.
she started hanging with the kkk,
the next few albums were a shit ton of misses,
became the laughing stock in a twitter beef with rihanna,
and i’m still confused over her seeing a “future” with future.
she fell off super heavy and i thought it was over for her.
well after becoming #relationshipgoals with baller wolf,
russell wilson,
her career was put on a low heat again.
she just released a song called “level up” and this is the video

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Russell Wilson is Completely Turned Out Over Ciara (Crying)

today is ciara‘s birthday.
she turned 32.
look at what her husband,
russell wilson,
sent to her via his instagram
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Don’t Be Sittin On My Baller Wolf (I’ll Be The One To Bring It 2 Ya)

everyone has been asking me my opinion on this scandal.
the “yolanda/russell wilson/no ciara” scandal.
as you know (or didn’t) ciara’s best friend,
yolanda frederick,
was dragged from here to timbuktu.
she was on video sitting on ciara’s hubbys lap earlier this week.
ciara’s husband is nfl baller wolf,
russell wilson.
on the lap with “hand on thigh” action.
well then she thought it was a good idea to throw this up on her ig…
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Ciara and Russell Wilson +1

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-6-41-24-pmi love a comeback story.
when everyone thinks you are down and out,
but you end up with the “not so fast bihhh” trophy for their asses.
i won’t lie,
but i thought ciara and russell wilson were a pr relationship.
turns out,
they are in high key love and shit.
well ciara had a announcement that she posted this on her instagram…
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