Russell Wilson is Completely Turned Out Over Ciara (Crying)

today is ciara‘s birthday.
she turned 32.
look at what her husband,
russell wilson,
sent to her via his instagram

*ugly sobs*

in our forests,
it might be an attentionisto who falls in love.
he leaves his attentionisto ways behind and becomes committed.
it’s always the one who you least expect.
russell seemed like he was all about the snow vixens.
ciara comes along and her scent has him doing this:

you see the hashtag?

*more ugly sobbing*

i believe there is a love out there for me.
funny enough,
i’m not looking for “him” at all.
i’m learning to love me.
  when he does come along…


belee dat.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Russell Wilson is Completely Turned Out Over Ciara (Crying)”

    1. He been cheating with black women too. He’s slick with it but I caught him liking random IG thot pics. they all looked like ciara tho lmfao – skinny, tall, light skin/brown skin, long hair/weave. I dont know what the white girls be looking like but his ex wife was capital h Hit. and the girl he dropped for ciara (also yt) was ratchet…she still tweets about him lol.

  1. What’s awesome is that his video didn’t seem contrived or like an obligation. His body language showed that what he was saying he truly believed and therefore, it made it so easy to say those things… so easy that it moved him to tears. #IWantTHATKindaLove

  2. Such a beautiful display of Black Love. Ciara is so cute to me. As far as finding a man like this? If what y’all say about him cheating is true, then nope…don’t want it. Still, tho to have a man that into sounds nice, just don’t forget to love yourself just as much first. I’m sure that special guy (or girl) is out there…just don’t sit around and wait for him (or her) to fall in your lap though.

    P.S. I’m at work on my phone on Jamari’s blog… Forgive me if I sound too sentimental…or what not…😛😊

  3. I believe he loves Ciara genuinely, but by him being on the road a lot, those hoes will still come after him, they don’t give a damn if he married or not, I hope he can stay strong.

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