Does Stanning Ruin An Artist? (Chris Brown Being Today’s Topic)

anything ^this weight and up looks good on him.
i love certain artists,
but my days of stanning hard are over.
i respect their crafts,
and their music might personally do something to me,
but insulting others for someone i don’t know is deaded.
in 2017,
most stan bases go too far.

Is stanning healthy?

not only for you

…but the artist as well.
you aren’t their parents.
coddling them leads to stagnation.
they start depending on you to fight their battles,
which makes them extremely passive aggressive.
chris brown,
who is no stranger to cutthroat stans,
looks horrible nowadays.
we have seen his deterioration in looks throughout the years,
but his recent interview with hot 97 was an eye opener:

if i was his people,
i would legit tell him to his face he looks awful.
if i was a vixen,
i wouldn’t fuck him looking like that.
he looks dusty af.
and forreal,
who told him those “o-dog/menace to society” skimp ass braids was really the look?
i can’t with his stylist.
or is he his stylist?
charlamagne called him out on “the breakfast club” @ 4:00:

…and of course,
team breezy is going in on charlamagne.
the excuses:

“oh he dances.
that’s why he is so skinny!”

so does beyonce,
michael jackson,
and usher.
they ain’t never look like that.


“ya’ll just love picking on him.”

is he 7?
if chris brown can’t handle the spotlight and the scrutiny,
or even just honest feedback to help him,
then leave and never come back.
the problem is he doesn’t have anyone to get him together.
that “good for the soul” get together.
he got too many ass kissers on his team.
even his females seem like they scared to be honest.
he only mess with the “light bright and nearly whites”,
straight cosigners and passiveness.

did you just try to drag me?”

…and furthermore,
chris has a cub.
one who probably looks up to him like he is the world.
it’s time to wake up and get with it.

lowkey: chris addressed the “drug use” talk on “nessa on the air”…

weed don’t be having folks looking like that.
if so,
he needs to stop.

8 thoughts on “Does Stanning Ruin An Artist? (Chris Brown Being Today’s Topic)

  1. You know what, stanning is not healthy because it basically says that the person in question is obsessed with this individual. Now lets take a trip back down memory lane and look at Eminem’s song called “Stan” in which this crazed fan was seeking Eminem’s approval. To be honest, it was foreshadowing the things to come.

    Now lets look at the fans of these major artists: Beyonce (The BeyHive), Rihanna (Rihanna Navy because of her movie debut in “Battleship”) Britney Spears (Britney Army IDK why) Janet Jackson (J-Tribe) Justin Bieber (Belibers) One Direction (Directioners) Katy Perry (Katy Cats) Taylor Swift (Swifters?) and Nicki Minaj (Barbs for girl fans, Ken Barbz for the gay boy fans, and the boyz for her str8 male fans).

    So my point is that these fans are obsessed and will defend their fav online till they’re dead. To me its sick and twisted and crazy. For Chris Brown, he should just take a break from music and get help. His fans are delusional and retarded just like the rest of the fans I’ve mentioned already.

  2. He needs help. He needs FRIENDS, not hangers-on, that will tell him the blunt truth.
    Until he gets that, he will continue to self-destruct.

  3. I saw the interview. Charlamagne is speaking the truth what looks like “hating” to his fans is “calling a spade a spade” to someone who knows the signs. I been widely reported about Chris’ drug use this year. The sad part is this is the VERY same path that tortured artists like Michael and Whitney traveled. Years of being apparently high and no one in their circle(including family) with the balls to say or do anything, especially if theres a coin to still be made off of them. I watched the Showtime documentary they did on Whitney and it broke my heart. Her bodyguard wrote detailed letters to her family and business managers about her appearance, behavior, drugs trafficked to various countries by her dancers while on tour. And his response was his walking papers…I pray Chris gets it together or we call should brace for the news we dont want to hear..

  4. Man……Why do people obsess over “celebs” that don’t even know? I just don’t get it. You’re defending someone that doesn’t even know you exist…You’re just a fan.

    I’m no expert but CB looks pretty terrible in that video. Not to be funny either but I’m definitely getting Whitney vibes from him too as in demeanor. He is either on drugs or a Satanist…or both.

    I’d keep an eye open on this one… something is probably about to happen soon.

  5. I said he was on drugs on some blog I think it was Baller Alert.Some girl said he has insomnia.I responded insomnia doesn’t cause people to slur their words.She blocked me and another fan of his cursed me out.So I had to block her.I eventually deleted my comment because his fans started tagging me with excuses why he look ashen,circles under his eyes,etc.

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