Normani Kordei Is Solo Black Vixen Magic Now

it’s time for this beautiful vixen to shine.
normani kordei,
of fifth harmony,
has signed her own record deal!!
check this out via billboard

If you were already excited that Khalid and Fifth Harmony singer Normani Kordei are working on music together, it looks like there might be more where that came from. Billboard can confirm that NORMANI (as she’ll be known in her solo ventures) has signed a solo management deal with S10 Entertainment & Media, led by Brandon Silverstein.

“Normani is an incredibly special artist and I am excited to work with her,” Silverstein said in a statement to Billboard. For her part, Kordei, 21, added, “I found a great partner in Brandon and S10. We are going to make magic together.”

Silverstein also took to his own social media to express his excitement for the new deal with the Fifth Harmony singer, with S10 also sharing the joy:

i know camilla must have peed her pants.
i’ve been saying for the longest no needs to go solo.
ya’ll was saying she wasn’t ready.
when you recover from a fall like this:

…you’re ready.

i’ll allow it!!!!

article cc: billboard

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Normani Kordei Is Solo Black Vixen Magic Now”

  1. Is the group disbanding? I wish her luck…but I don’t see a successful solo career happening. Not negating her talent but this generation is too fickle, and don’t accept change well. They don’t see Fifth Harmony, they will move on to the next thing.
    Camilla isn’t doing so well as a solo artist. Her popular songs have all been collaborations so far…and that Havana song is whack as fuck. I bet she hating that she left the group.
    The grass ain’t greener on the other side, and going solo is a very hard thing to do. LOL
    Again, I wish her luck and success though!

    1. I agree.. Artists don’t sell these days unless they have huge stan bases (cults).. It’s messed up. See; Drake, Taylor, Beyonce, Rihanna etc.

  2. Just to be clear everyone!! She is not leaving Fifth Harmony all of the girls have solo deals and plan on releasing solo projects. Normanis was blown up because she obviously highly favored among the others. But they still plan on releasing music a group as well. Sidebar: Their last album w/o Camila is some of their best work tbh. They showed that heifer they don’t need her and it actually put them in the running for me. Beginning to end that album was a smooth listen. Another sidebar Little Mix is still better and are the Queens of girl groups at the moment.

    1. @JimmyDean…That album felt like something was missing. They sound better with Camila. I loved her riffs on their songs. The album they made before she bounced was much better than this last one, but that’s just my opinion.
      It’s sad that they couldn’t put their differences aside. They were one of the few girl groups where all members sang lead.

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