(Um hello James R) Is He The Reason We Watch “LHHNY” This Season?

i love how n sync i am with the foxhole.
give me some ramen hair and lets form a boy band.
so i watched the “love and hiphop ny” trailer and saw ^that wolf.
this is his scenes right here:

…and of course,
i wanted to know “wtf” he was.
two random f-bi sent me foxmails today with all the info.
can i get the winning lottery numbers,
everyone meet rican hood wolf/rapper,
james r….

he is hood af,
and reeking of attentionisto,
but i’d ride that pipe on a secret rendezvous.

the time before he gets on that reality show,
we see how much of a hyena he is,
and then he becomes absolutely ugly.
i’ll lust after him until

the second email contained an f-bi tip about james.
it seems he has done an alleged porn scene in his past.
he had a scene with a company called “spank it up”.
the one where ( x macana man ) was discovered.
in this alleged scene with james,
he was fuckin some vixen in a threesome.
the f-bi remembered james from his tatt:

the f-bi said that the scene got snatched off the “spank it up” site,
which isn’t even a site anymore.
you can find random clips on google.
i’m sure it will find it’s way into the spotlight soon.
james looks like he’d have alleged sex tapes floating around.
it might be good for his business.
depending on if he can fuck or not.
i don’t know if i’ll be tuning into “lhhny” to see james,
but it premieres monday at 8pm on vh1 for those interested.

check out james r: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “(Um hello James R) Is He The Reason We Watch “LHHNY” This Season?”

  1. I’m remember him from MySpace when he was trying to be a model lmao….he even had w ModelMayhem acct. He didn’t seem hood then….Watch a bunch of these attenionistos used platforms such as these to get their 15 minutes of stardom.

  2. Now I love me some Latino dudes, but this one does nada for me. I think I have his sex scene somewhere on my hard drive, but it wasn’t memorable. Lol
    Interestingly enough, there’s a dude named Puerto Rock that does threesomes with Macana Man, and even though he is hard on the eyes…that body and dick are something else. And dude can fuck!

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