Dj Envy and His “Entry” Into Trending Tweets Today

everyone is talking about dj envy today.
not even because of something he said on “the breakfast club”,
but moreso what he allegedly said to some hoe on snapchat.
and allegedly,
dj envy likes his wolf tail played with.
check this out…

“…and i’ll lick your ass to get it really wet…”

let’s talk about the alleged hoe’s sexting.
she is a beast wit it.
the only issue,
if the alleged is true,
is he got caught cheating again.
this is 2017 and it’s been established that:

Some legit straight males love anal play

…and sometimes,
they go to hoes because that’s their job.
a ho’s job,
before it became the “in” thing,
was too fulfill all the nasty freaky shit the wife won’t do.
they weren’t respected or bumped up to wifey status.
they didn’t get reality shows or have stans.
they were fucked viciously and kept in their caves.
it’s 2017 and things have changed.
this tweet pretty much pulled cards as well:

if true,

i’ll allow dj entry envy.
i’ll won’t allow him being so messy tho.

lowkey: charlamagne gave envy “donkey of the day” today…

you can’t be embarrassed if you laugh at yourself.
this is well played.
i saw right though it.
allegedly fonting.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Dj Envy and His “Entry” Into Trending Tweets Today”

  1. So I just found that this isn’t even his snapchat. Now to all the black people call him gay or dl I see nothing gay about this I’m glad black men are coming out to say they had the experience and they like it.

      1. Actually…a woman’s g spot is the clitoris…which is outside the vagina. .and most males is on the inside..the prostate.


        A Woman’s “G” spot is in our vagina.If it was on our clitoris we wouldn’t have to spend time trying to find it.Lol😂It’s on the top wall somewhere between vaginal opening and cervix.Sometimes we have to use a “toy” to locate it when it’s closer to the cervix.

  2. Do I think they are gay? Nope? Do I think they are weird..Yep. for a straight man at least. I know…I know…

    There are no rules for sex… blah blah supposedly, but let’s be honest here. I still laugh at Str8 men that like their asses played with by women (& I laugh at women that play with straight men’s asses).

    They do all that talk about men having sex with men being unnatural & now you unnaturally like a woman playing in your natural ass because it feels good to you? Oh I see… Str8 fella has had a change of prostate…I mean heart, now…

    Then they say but since it’s with a woman, it makes it alright. I ain’t gay…I mean yeah, you might not be gay but you got yo priorities mixed up. Wether they want to admit it or not or just invent some bogus doctor’s sexual liberation excuse they heard on a late night Infomercial.

    Men have Diks and women have vaginas..You like women for men, so why does she need to put on a fake dik? Why is she even around your ass period?

    What ever happened to all that…”but the Bible said”…and now you got yo legs in the air with a natural born woman between yo legs with a unnatural dick trying to elevate your prostate?


    Get outta here.

      1. I lowkey really like this comment LOL

        They just want to have their cake and eat it too. (pun intended) They can’t talk.

      2. I was low-key waiting on someone from your foxhole to say, “Well, what about lesbians? Does one getting fuked by a woman with a dildo make her straight?”… I enjoy reading and hearing and seeing folks speak or font out their thoughts so I be waiting. Deep talks like this make the brain work more. I wish I could see more responses from lesbian and transwomen too.

        Like if a transwoman fucks a man, is that comparable to a natural woman fucking a man. We know that men that mess with transwomen identify as straight.

        What if a lesbian smashed a gay feminine man with a dildo.

        Better yet, what of a lesbian fucked a transwoman. Transwomen also identify as straight.

        Do we need lables at all or is society that fuked up that we would be putting lables on top of lables without any clear indication of where we stand as a human race?

      1. ^^ Gender dynamics, social norms and constructs, and double standards.

        All of which are choices we make and things we decide and have control over, at least, to some extent.

  3. This is fake but there is nothing wrong with a straight man enjoying anal play.Straight men and gay men are born with the same anus,same rectum,the same penis,same prostate ,etc. So why is it strange that they would both enjoy the same types of sexual stimulation to those organs?

  4. Man bump all that… Men liking anal play is fine I’m sure…but a woman strapping up to fuk a man is just straight up dumb. And before any Mighty Morphin Power Feminist go off about female empowerment. Any sane (not desperate to keep her man) woman wouldn’t put on a strap on naturally to Fawk a man. Why would she want to do that..she doesn’t have a dingaling?

    Yeah, men fuk men…we have prostates..we have dicks…women don’t and they don’t have prostates either.. I guess she’s going off those thrill juices. “Im just pleasing my man!” she lamented….”Of course you are, Prostate Patty…” I replied.

    I was sitting at a table with friends one day (girls and guys) and we were all having a convo and somehow we got on to the topic of taboo things and this girl said a guy wanted her to do that. Everyone got quiet and I didn’t say anything at the time about it cause I didn’t want to come off as too froward but I really wanted too ask her how she really felt by a man asking her to put on a fake penis and stick it up his ass. Like what goes through your mind when you hitting him from the back? Are you familiar with Lisa Frank? How about Picasso? Do you like art?

    So instead, I asked her if she did it and she said she didn’t but I knew she was lying. She had prostethic pumper written all over her Fenty face.

    This trend needs to stay right where it’s the niche barrel of Dr. Seuss’s Sex Toys and Where To Find Them basement….

    Note: In all seriousness, I really don’t care. I like gay men and could care less about what a straight man sticks up his ass at the end of the day. I just like something to debate or have long convos about. 😂😂

    1. For me, it’s more them making a deal about gay men, with gay jokes, innuendos etc. when they like it too. Idc who likes what but if it’s established that a lot of us like ass play, then all the “likes it up the ass” type of gay jokes need to end. We all like it, gay/bi people exist, and we have sex, can we all move on as a society and deal with real concerns that matter? That’s what I’m waiting for lol.

      Straight people stay acting as if being gay is a real concern. It’s tired lol.

      1. There was a study that said everyone isn’t exactly 100% straight. If I was them, I’d be concerned too…hahaha but you right…they will accept a thug murderer before a gay man…God forbid that with gasoline drawls on…

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