fuck the attentionistos; marry the russell wilson

quiet as kept,
i find males like russell wilson to be hot af.
one of my fantasies is to fall in love with someone like him.
you know those types.
the ones that people think wouldn’t be into you,
or you being into them,
but little do they know that it ain’t even like that.
everyone thought russell was the cornball who’d end up with a snow vixen.
i’m sure we thought ciara would end up with another thug.
where we all wrong.
i like a hot geek.
one who has a hot bawdy and will keep you tight

first of all,
the tail on russell…

…but one that will be honest about the love he has for you:


i love it.
i want a companion to speak highly of me.
that’s the type that will have me out here getting married,
having his adopted cubs,
and build an empire with together.
i’m learning you never know who you’ll get with in the future.
they might ignore you today and be “dangerously in love” tomorrow.
i’m sure it was the same for these two:

…and you play your cards right,
it will be the same for you.

lowkey: have they talked about how they met?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “fuck the attentionistos; marry the russell wilson”

  1. so happy for ciara!

    she actually had me question my sexuality when she dropped the Promise video lol. that microphone scene was sexy af!

  2. The attentionistos go to Dubai to get defecated on and have old, white sponsors. Give me a geek with a tech startup that’s the next Snapchat.

  3. He bought her entire masters collection and gave it to her solely in her name for financial independency and as backing for her own record label supposedly. He loves her son like his own. LIKE HONESTLY remember people like Slim Thug and other calling him all types of names. I wish more people would look at this relationship and use a baseline as this is what an ideal man is. Its ridiculous.

    Meanwhile Future is on baby 1000. smh I can’t

  4. OMG! Now this right here is some moist worthy shit this is the kind of man sistas should be dreaming of instead of bum ass niggas who ain’t shit now I see why the nigga’s be hating hard on Russell because his presence convicts they asses good for you Ciara!

  5. Go Ciara, this genuinely made me smile hard. One of those couples who have real fireworks and you can tell they love each other very much. Many people doubted their love, glad they proved the naysayers wrong and hopefully they will share a lifetime together.

    1. The fact that he took her child and treats him as his own speaks VOLUMES. Not many dudes will do that. The haters will talk down about him, but he personifies a good man. I hope this one lasts because it is a good example of a good family unit and love.

  6. Black love y’all. 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️. Really happy that she stopped messing with these fuckboys and she found herself a King.

  7. I always thought he was attractive when I first heard he was dating Ci. I’ve never really been fascinated by “hood/trade/thug” dudes since I was a high schooler so his personality coincided with what I like in guys. For me there’s nothing more attractive than an intelligent well-spoken courteous guy who isn’t afraid to say how he really feels about you. On top of that he looks good too. Ciara upgraded if you ask me *shrugs*

    Oh and Ciara is so damn fine in that pic. Underrated beauty for sure. She should be in all the beauty campaigns

  8. Ya know, I can admit I was one of those who didn’t think this romance would last. BUT….something about it seems really genuine and Russell seems like a stand-up guy. Watching those clips got me in my feels a “lil” bit LOL. Ciara MIGHT just have THAT life – IN REAL LIFE. Kudos to the WIlsons!

  9. I’d take me a Russell over a wack ass attentionisto any day, but sadly in the Black gay community the Russell-types are considered fat, fem, or swagless. Just thinking about it turns my stomach. Those petulant fags would rather waste time dating face tatted thots and boring muscle boys. Meanwhile the Russell-types end up with white boys, women who’ll beard for them while they creep with men on the DL, or users who want relationship perks after they’ve fucked themselves down to their last T-cell.

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